Woman hits $1.6m Vegas airport slot jackpot before even making it to the casino

  • Payout of $1.6 million recorded on Wheel of Fortune progressive slot
  • Californian winner struck the jackpot at McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas

A woman from California has landed a life-changing sum while playing the Wheel of Fortune progressive slot game on Tuesday.

The woman, known as Sandra A. won $1.6 million while playing the game in the C Concourse of McCarran International, the main airport serving the Las Vegas valley.

The win is one of the largest recorded on this version of the Wheel of Fortune slot. According to officials at the airport, the winner explained that she visits Las Vegas twice a year for pleasure and that she always gambles whenever she travels to the city.

Wheel of Fortune lives up to its name

The Wheel of Fortune is one of a number of progressive jackpot slot games that have always dangled the prospect of a life-changing win.

With a regular slot, the jackpot is fixed at a set amount, but with a progressive jackpot game, the jackpot rises continuously every time a player plays the machine, with a small percentage of each stake added to the jackpot.

These progressive jackpot games make it possible for players to land huge and theoretically unlimited jackpots, many of which have made headlines.

Wheel Of Fortune is one of the world’s most popular progressive jackpot slots and is available in different denominations.

The Quarter version has a starting jackpot of $200,000 and is reset to this amount when the jackpot has been won.

This version has produced a number of million dollar winners, including at $1,995,173 payout at the MGM in December 2008.

The dollar version of the Wheel of Fortune begins with a $1 million jackpot and has produced some even bigger wins including several of over $5 million.

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