UKGC to force UK casino operators to adapt security standards

  • The UKGC will introduce new, stricter standards pertaining to the customer information safety
  • All UK-facing operators will have to be more transparent and make personal gambling info easily available

Casino operators offering their services to the UK players will have to face yet another hurdle if they are to keep their licenses and continue to operate in one of the most lucrative casino markets.

Namely, they will have to adapt their information security protocols to be in line with the ISO 27001 standard endorsed by the UK Gambling Commission, UKGC, the main regulatory body in the country.

Better protection for the customers

The UKGC recently published a paper in which it explained the reasons behind the change. There are several goals the Commission hopes to achieve by having gambling operators adhere to the ISO 27001 standard, and they all have to do with creating a safer environment for the players, ensuring better protection of their sensitive information.

First and foremost, new protocols will make sure the operators are properly prepared for any and all incidents in the event of security breaches. There will be adequate communication channels in place to ensure timely reaction to limit the potential damage.

Additionally, new protocols will provide better information safety during those times when sites are migrating data, implementing new online casino sites or launching mobile casinos. It is during these times that the information is particularly vulnerable and the UKGC believes operators need to provide additional security measures to protect their players.

More transparency

In addition to establishing better security protocols, the Commission has also included certain provisions that deal with the transparency. Namely, players must be given much better access to their playing histories, so that they can easily keep track of their winnings and losses.

In words of the UKGC, this means that all the operators will have to make sure players can access three months of gaming history at all times. As things stand right now, players usually have to request this type of information from the customer support and wait for it to be prepared manually, but the UKGC believes players have the right to have access to this data without any special requests.

Additionally, if asked by a player, all operators licensed in the UK will have to provide up to twelve months of gambling history with full details. The level of details displayed on such reports will not change under the new protocols, meaning players will be able to see all their deposits, withdrawals, any bonuses, as well as individual results of all the wagers whenever possible.

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