Top SIX poker magazines that every fan should consider

We live in the world where print media is slowly going out of style. People are getting most of their information online, and it’s getting harder for paper poker magazines to survive. Although poker media have to deal with all these issues, just like everybody else, there are still print publications out there that are still aiming to keep the old format alive and be worth the time and money for players.

This is a list of the top seven poker magazines (in no particular order) every fan of the game should consider.

Card Player, Poker Magazine

Card Player Magazine
Card Player Magazine has 26 print editions a year

Card Player Magazine was purchased by a poker pro Barry Shulman in 1999, and since then, the magazine has been heavily focusing on various aspects of poker. Today, almost twenty years later, Shulman is still at the helm of Card Player as the company’s CEO and publisher.

Card Player Magazine is published 26 times a year, and readers have access to print and digital issues of the publication. All print subscribers are also eligible for free access to digital archive containing 700+ issues of the magazine.

Topics covered by Card Player include everything, from poker tournaments reports, player interviews, and lifestyle pieces, to columns on poker and legislation, strategy articles, tips and tricks for players, and much more.

Card Player Magazine is issued in Europe and the United States, with the overall monthly circulation of around 300,000.

All In Magazine

All In Magazine top magazines
All In magazine, which caters for professionals and hardcore players

All In Magazine caters more to professional players and hardcore poker fans. This American publication started out back in 2004 and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

This was at the time of the real ‘poker boom’ when the game had captured the imagination of many around the world.

The magazine focuses primarily on poker but, as of late, they started to introduce some eSports and fantasy sports content, picking up on the latest gaming trends.

They offer a number of in-depth columns and articles focusing on crunching advanced strategy and math behind the poker, so casual fans might find them a bit overwhelming.

However, the magazine offers a lot of interesting content for those more involved with the game.

Like most modern-day poker magazines, they offer a lot of their content in a digital version as well, available at their website.

WPT Poker Magazine

World Poker Tour Magazine
World Poker Tour Magazine is the brand’s official publication

The official publication of the World Poker Tour, WPT Magazine focuses on WPT tournaments and professionals playing in these events. The content you can expect to find on these pages includes a lot of tournament reports and poker lifestyle articles catering to casual fans who like to stay in the loop with the recent developments in the world of professional poker.

Being backed and published by one of the biggest poker tours on the planet, WPT Magazine features a lot of quality content coupled with many professional photos from the events, so it’s a must-have for every fan of tournament poker.

Bluff (Europe)

Bluff is probably one of the best-known poker magazines out there, with separate publications for the US and Europe. However, a few years ago, Bluff US decided to stop publishing the paper version, and it seems they no longer update their online issue, either . Bluff Europe, on the other hand, is still one of the biggest names in the print poker media after managing to keep the publication alive.

Bluff focuses on tournament reports and player interviews, but it also features many useful strategy columns and other articles offering advice on poker or gambling in general.

Bluff Europe is one to consider for poker fans from the continent, as they’ll find a lot of information about upcoming tournaments, as well as player profiles for many of the well-known faces.

Poker Player

Poker Player magazine can be downloaded from their website for free
Poker Player magazine can be downloaded from their website for free

Poker Player Magazine, formerly known as Total Gambler, is a UK-based poker publication owned by People Like You Publishing. Initially, Total Gambler, which was established in 2005, wanted to profit from the sudden surge in popularity of online gambling.

In 2013, People Like You Publishing purchased the magazine and renamed it Poker Player, marking a clear shift towards poker-focused content. Poker Player Magazine is published monthly, and it features a larger, newspaper-like format. They focus on tournament coverage and player interviews, and a large section of the magazine is also devoted to strategy geared towards casual players looking to improve their game.

Ante Up Magazine

Ante Up poker magazine
Ante Up has a strong focus on tournament coverage.

Ante Up Magazine was established back in 2008, and the name of the publication clearly suggests its orientation towards poker in general, and tournament poker specifically. Based in the US, Ante Up Magazine features extensive coverage of all major events taking place during the month, as well as some smaller tournaments and leagues happening in the country.

Published on a monthly basis, Ante Up is a great resource for all poker fans who like to keep track of all those events that are often missed by other publications. With an affordable price of just $30 for 12 issues, this magazine is certainly a affordable if you are interested in the US tournament poker scene.

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