5 destinations perfect for the casino-loving bachelor party group

If you have landed the job of best man, then there are a few responsibilities you will be delighted to take on; for instance, who doesn’t love embarrassing their best friend by reading an embarrassing speech in front of all their nearest and dearest?

Image of guys sat at a casino table.
The top 5 worldwide party destinations for bachelors who love casinos.

However, there are a few jobs that are a little trickier – for instance, finding a bachelor party location that suits everyone isn’t the easiest task in the world. That being said, if you and your group love to gamble, these locations are all great choices.

Dublin, Ireland

thinkstockphotos-498398250Some stereotypes are completely unfounded, but some of them are completely true. Among the more factual ones is that the Irish love to party! Walk through Dublin’s Temple Bar at any time during the day or night and you will hear live music, a party atmosphere and what the locals call “craic.”

Not only that, there are also some brilliant casinos within the city, such as The Fitzwilliam Card Club and Casino and the Macau Club.

Outside of traditional casinos, there are also an abundance of other gambling options, such as several brilliant racecourses just a short drive away.

Liverpool, United Kingdom

thinkstockphotos-179034394Every year in April, the British Grand National horse race takes place in Aintree near Liverpool. If you can coordinate the date of the stag party around this, then do, because it is a serious party. Outside of this, there are several other reasons to visit Liverpool. For one, it is the home of The Beatles, but also because its night life is the stuff of legend.

If your bachelor party (or stag party as it’s called this side of the Atlantic) is the sort of group that likes to go to strip clubs, I’ve heard from friends (ahem) that Liverpool has no shortage of them.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

thinkstockphotos-477307170Speaking of places that have no shortage of that sort of thing, Amsterdam is also a great place to go. It is the stag capital of Europe and for good reason too.

Although you wouldn’t normally consider Amsterdam a great place to go for a punt, it actually has plenty of great gambling houses within its city walls, such as the Merkur and Flash casinos.

Las Vegas, United States

thinkstockphotos-577308536The next couple of destinations on the list are for those of you who either live in areas close to these destinations, or have sizeable budgets. That being said, no list of possible bachelor party destinations would be complete without mentioning Vegas.

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. However, that doesn’t apply to your winnings from all the brilliant gambling establishments on the world renowned strip. There are thousands of amazing stories associated with Las Vegas, here’s a roundup of the best tales from Sin City.

Macau, China

thinkstockphotos-525339711Macau has passed Vegas as the world’s gambling centre. It has several of the largest casinos in the entire world, which is great for gambling, but not so good if you are trying to keep track of a groom.

It really is a gambler’s paradise and also quite easy to get to if you are travelling from Dubai or Australia.

Just remember to plan every detail of your trip, because this city can be more than a little bit overwhelming.

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