To tip or not to tip? Our guide to tipping etiquette at the casinos

  • How and when should you tip at the casino
  • Common tipping questions answered

Giving tips is rarely straightforward, especially when outside of your home nation. The customs and expectations regarding tipping differ between countries. When playing in a casino at home or away or playing at an online casino, players often have questions about who they should tip, and when they should do so. To help you out, let’s take a look at some of the common questions regarding tipping casino staff.

There are several factors which affect when, and how much, you should tip:

  • The region or country you are playing in
  • The game you are playing and the amount you are spending
  • The role of the staff member receiving the tip

National and regional etiquette

A good rule of thumb when working out whether to tip casino staff is to look at the wider service industry for that country.

In many countries, service staff receive low wages but they make up their pay through tips from the customer. In other places, a minimum wage exists and tips are given at the discretion of the customer, but are not expected or required. For example, in US restaurants, servers should always be tipped as the gratuity forms part of their pay. In the UK, tips are customary when good service is received, but they are not mandatory as the server already receives a fair wage.

Casino staff are performing a service, so if the national custom is to tip your server when dining, you should do the same with your casino runners, bartenders and waiters.

Which staff members should you tip?

The role that the person performs is also important when deciding who to tip. Servers, hotel staff, porters, drinks runners, chip runners and hosts should all get some small token of appreciation – and a good tip can certainly help with more attentive service!

The house is collecting a cut from your games, so there is rarely any requirement to tip the dealer. However, it is customary to provide some small token for a good dealer, especially if a large hand is won or if the table has been kind.

Tips at the table are often given in chips rather than cash. In tournament play and in some competitive games, an automatic gratuity will be taken from the pot and there is no need to tip further unless you want to.

Tipping online

It’s not just land-based casinos where players are expected to leave a tip, when playing online casino games with live dealers the majority of online casino players will leave a tip for the dealer. It is common to see a small section of the table which is designated for players to leave tips to the dealer.
There is a lot of stigma around how much of the tip left by online casino players is actually seen by staff but some casinos will have guarantees in their Ts and Cs to outline how much of your tip will be passed on to the live dealer.
The reason why people opt to tip when playing live casino games online is much the same as in the casino; it is to show appreciation for the part the dealer has played in improving their casino user experience.

How much you should tip

Tips can often be worked out roughly at 10% of the fee paid for the service, but this is not a hard and fast rule. Tipping is in some part up to the customer – as long as a minimum of around 5% is met, tips can then increase based on opinion of the service given.

If a player has been particularly lucky, they might want to leave a high tip for their casino servers. If the tables have not been as kind, it is still good practice to tip your staff well as a thanks for their professionalism and good work.

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