Third party lottery provider Lottoland accepts ban in Australia’s Northern Territory

  • Northern Territory Government bans Lottoland from accepting bets on Australian lotteries
  • Ban follows campaign by newsagents and lottery outlets against Lottoland practices

Lottery betting site Lottoland has said that it will comply with the ban on betting on Australian lotteries imposed by the Northern Territory regulatory body.

Lottoland has had to back down after a ruling meant it was banned from offering bets on local lotteries.
Lottoland has had to back down after a ruling meant it was banned from offering bets on local lotteries.

On Tuesday, the government of the Northern Territory confirmed that it had instructed the Northern Territory Racing Commission to ban Lottoland from taking any bets related to lotteries based in Australia.

The decision follows a long campaign by newsagents and lottery outlets against the Gibraltar-based company. Campaigners argued that the company’s terms of registration should be restricted because its operating model had undercut many small businesses, most notably local newsagents.

The ban does not apply to international lotteries, for which Lottoland will still be entitled to take bets. Speaking on Wednesday, the CEO of Lottoland Australia, Luke Brill, said that the company would work with the state government to bring in the necessary changes.

He said: “Lottoland Australia is disappointed but we respect this decision. We offer value and choice through innovation to more than 650,000 Australians and, importantly, there are no restrictions on our international products, meaning our customers can continue to bet on the outcome of overseas lotteries.”

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Lottoland Australia was established in January 2016, and was well received by many Australian lottery players, who were able to play major international lotteries, and the company has gathered a customer base of over 650,000. The success of Lottoland Australia led to other companies, including CrownBet, setting up their own online lottery platform.

In defending the Lottoland business model, Brill pointed to the fact that international lotteries offering larger jackpots were the preferred option for his company’s customers and that these lotteries have the potential to benefit local government and small businesses.

He added: “From day one Lottoland has strived to grow the market through our international offering. Every bet placed on an international lottery is incremental revenue that state governments and newsagents can benefit from if they work with Lottoland.”

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