SEVEN things that a top quality casino dealer always does

In sports, they say the sign of a good referee or umpire is when you don’t notice they are there. They let the game ebb and flow naturally.

And so it goes with a quality casino dealer. While you’re quite happy to interact with them, you don’t really want their antics, or lack of skill, to detract from the game you are playing. If you have ever been unlucky enough to sit at a table with a poor, or novice dealer, then you will recognise just how distracting and even downright antagonising it can be.

Chances are, that bad dealer did none of these things…

things top dealers do
Top dealer should know their stuff to keep the players happy. Picture: Thinkstock

1. Find the right balance

A good dealer keeps the game moving, but knows not to rush the players. Getting the right balance comes with knowledge of the game and experience. This can be the difference between an enjoyable game you want to be a part of and one where you are heading for the door.

2. Know the rules

If the dealer is calling for the floor manager the first time a question is asked, they will be immediately pointed out as a novice. A quality dealer will be able to answer any queries that come their way and deal with minor conflict without any issue.

3. Be professional

Although dealers are working within the hospitality industry, they are not your friend. A certain level of professionalism is expected and they should adhere to this expectation at all times. It is OK to be friendly, but it is not OK to be unprofessional and treat you like you are just one of their pals.

4. Have mechanical skills

If you are not able to shuffle, deal and count to a high level, then I am afraid you have no place as a dealer. Anyone who is considering getting into the industry and reading this article, please heed our advice: if your skills aren’t up to scratch, stay at home and practice until they are, as players have no patience for bum-deals.

5. Maintain self control

Not every player will behave cordially at the card table and unfortunately, it is usually the dealer that bears the brunt of this problem. If you want to take up this vocation, then you should not have a short fuse or an anger issue, because your patience will be tested consistently.

6. Be consistent

A lack of consistency in style or rules is a sure way for a dealer to annoy players at their table. If the casino regulars are used to a certain way of doing things, dealers should stick to that and not flip it on its head on a whim. After all, these kind gamblers are the people who are paying your wages.

7. Maintain quality presentation

Quality dealers represent their casino, so they should always be well presented and dressed accordingly when on site. Body odor is a definite no, as is sloppiness. Although this is an obvious rule, you would be surprised how many dealers fail look the part when taking to the floor.

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