The SEVEN characters you are guaranteed to see at every casino

Ocean’s Eleven, 21 and The Gambler are just a few of the Hollywood movies that have tried to recreate the buzz and excitement of the casino experience, yet none of them have quite captured the thrill of being there first-hand.

Roulette in a casino

Maybe that is because the glitz and the glamour of the silver screen can’t capture the charm of your local betting house, or perhaps it is because of the people you know and meet while gambling. If you have ever stepped up to a roulette wheel, pulled the handle on a slot machine or worked your wits at a poker table then you will know – the vast majority of the people you meet in a casino are generous, fun and full of life.

Here is just a sample of the folks you are guaranteed to meet during an evening at the casino.

Superstitious Steve

This gambler can be seen kissing every chip before they put a bet on. There may also be the occasional prayer said before a roulette spin.
To you it looks like madness, to them it is essential.
You can mock this routine all you want, but Superstitious Steve swears it works and the deep stack beside him suggests that maybe there is something to it.

Diana the Dealer


We are fairly certain that every casino in the world has at least one ridiculously charming dealer. One that is so nice, you don’t mind tipping them when you win and when you lose, the blow is slightly softened by their manner.

Dealer Diana is one of the people who make your casino experience so memorable.

High-Rolling Rita


This is the person who arrives with stacks of cash every single night. Their phobias include low-stake games, max-bets and closing time.
Watch as they win big, or lose big. It doesn’t really matter because they will be back the following night with enough cash to bring down the house.

Fancy Dan


This James Bond impressionist has the all the style of someone who has just come from the Oscars’ ceremony.
They look like they could be one of the Ocean’s Eleven team and everyone flocks to them to see their style and panache.

Old-timer Tom

This person may be old, but they are definitely wise. You see them in every casino – the person who looks as though they were put in with the furniture

They give the young eager gamblers excellent advice and don’t really trust any of those “new-fangled computer machines.”

Security Simon

Security Simon is there to keep the peace and may in fact be allergic to all things fun. They usually stand in the corner with stern looks on their faces and come with the optional extra of a walkie-talkie.

Don’t be fooled by their statue-like persona, as they can move as quickly as an Olympic sprinter when called into duty.


Lucky Lisa

Every casino has a person who is a lucky charm. Watch as the crowds race to be on the slot machine beside her, or sit down on the seat next to her at the blackjack table.
Invariably, the jackpot will be hit or the dealer will go bust and it is all down to the wonderful charms of Lucky Lisa.

Next time you go to your local casino, keep an eye out to see can you spot these people.

You might even be one of them!

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