The moment gunman fired shots into 24-hour London casino

  • Police hunt after masked gang members open fire at London casino
  • Two shots were fired, but no employees were injured

A video footage that’s been circulating on the social media shows a gang of hooded men who smashed through a glass door of Leyton Slots in London on early Tuesday morning. The men proceeded to open fire only moments later, firing two shots, forcing cashier employees to run for cover in fear of their lives.

Moments of horror

The CCTV footage that found its way online shows a gang of masked individuals running past Leyton Slots, only to return a few seconds later and start banging on the glass door. As they couldn’t enter the casino, trying to push the pull door, one of the men proceeded to shatter the glass on the one side, and the other one immediately ran in
front of him and pulled a gun out.

The man, who was dressed in tracksuit bottoms and a hooded top, fumbled with the gun before proceeding to fire two shots inside the arcade. Two cashiers who were in the store for the night shift were terrified and ducked behind the electronic roulette.

Luckily, after the shots were fired, the gang did not enter the store, but the entire group turned around and ran away, leaving the employees terrified, but relieved that no one was physically harmed.

Police on the lookout

The police confirmed what was already evident from the CCTV footage: two shots were fired, and no one was injured. A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police confirmed that no arrests were made as of yet, but the police are on the lookout for the gang members and are actively searching for perpetrators.

As for the overnight employees, although they survived the incident without physical injuries, this was a big trauma for them. According to some reports, they have not returned to work, and it remains uncertain when and if they will come back following the harrowing incident.

The hunt for the gang members continues, and London detectives are appealing to anyone who may have any information about the shooting to reach out to them on by dialling (UK) 101.

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