SEVEN famous faces you might meet at a casino

What would you do if you had a crazy amount of money in the bank and no reason to worry about getting up for the 9 to 5 slog in the morning?

If your answer was “enjoy myself by spending some of my never-ending bankroll in the casino,” then congratulations – you think like these celebrities!

Here are seven famous faces who love to step away from the tension of mega-movie deals, busy schedules and paparazzi snappers by unwinding in their favourite casinos.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson has proven to be a stunner at the poker table too. Picture: PA

Everyone’s 90s crush wasn’t just hot on the beaches of Baywatch, she is also a siren at the poker table. The star is known for being a very capable player, no doubt taking tips from her ex-husband Rick Salomon, the professional gambler.

Although Anderson is no longer with Salomon, she may still be one of the stars you meet at the felt.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon
Can Matt Damon bring Bourne-like powers to the poker table? Picture: PA

From one sex symbol to another, Damon used his role in the excellent poker movie, Rounders, as an excuse to gain some experience at the poker table. He learned the game and entered several high- profile tournaments.

He even ended up having some success at tables in Vegas. Damon is known as a very competent player, not just a talented movie actor.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck in his younger days at the poker table. Picture: PA
Ben Affleck in his younger days at the poker table. Picture: PA

Damon’s partner in crime in movies such as Dogma and Good Will Hunting is known to have an affinity for casinos in general, but has a particular love for the blackjack table.

He also won a major Californian poker tournament in 2004 and was known for going to casinos during the filming of Batman Vs Superman.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire
Tobey Maguire has previously aimed to spin a web of profit at the poker table. Picture: PA

Mr Maguire and his massive web of lies – we thought he was just an innocent web-wielding spider man. Little did we know that he is also an expert poker player who has rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names out there, including Phil Hellmuth.

Tobey Maguire poker
Tobey Maguire could be one of the famous faces you’ll see at the felt. Picture: PA.

John McCain

Senator John McCain
Senator John McCain is known to be a fan of craps. Picture: PA

US Senator John McCain’s love for craps is legendary, so who knows, you might see him in your local casino.

Well, he is going to have plenty of time now that he is no longer the vice-president. The more cynical among you would say that the ex vice-president always had plenty of time.

Although, following a number of rows with US President Trump, it may be unlikely that he will indulge his hobby in one of ‘The Donald’s’ casinos any time soon.

David Haye

David Haye visited a casino when watching the Frampton-Santa Cruz fight in Las Vegas. Picture: PA

A knockout in the ring, and a knockout at the roulette wheel? Former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye couldn’t resist a visit to a casino while watching his buddy Carl Frampton lose in a narrow WBA (Super) featherweight loss to Leo Santa Cruz at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas last month. Well, when in Rome…

And ‘The Hayemaker’ came away with a tidy little profit from the roulette wheel at the Bellagio casino, and although he said he wasn’t a regular, who could blame him for wanting a re-match someday soon?

Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth playing poker
Shannon Elizabeth aimed to make herself a star of the poker table as well as the big screen. Picture: PA

The American Pie star is renowned for turning her back on the silver screen to take on the life of a professional gambler.

Her skills as a professional poker player definitely single her out as one of the most skilful celebs to take on the game.

Shannon Elizabeth
Shannon Elizabeth would inject some star quality to any casino. Picture: PA

The conclusion?

So there you have it, seven celebs who love to take on the odds at the casino table. But remember, these players are just like us, with a slightly larger bankroll, perhaps. However, you never know, keep on playing and you might be at the high-rolling table with them before too long.

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