How to Tell When You’ve Become a High Roller

  • By the time you’re wagering big bets, you’ve made it into the jet set
  • Dabbling in the realm of the risky really gets you going

The definition of just how much you have to spend to become a high roller is debatable. Suffice to say it’s a whole lot more than a lot – and then some.

high roller casino
As a high roller you’ll be making bigger bets, but you’ll also be on to some great prizes and added bonuses from casinos

When online casinos sit up and take notice, know you by name and give you special treatment then you know you’re into the realms of the big guns and the mega rich.

The casino offers to transport you in style

There’s no doubt about it, casinos need high rollers, of course they do. Just like stores need shopaholics and restaurants need the hungry, these establishments want to lure in the big spenders and they’ll go to great lengths to do it.

It’s well known that in Las Vegas especially, you can enjoy all manner of free-flowing drinks and even food if you’re busy at the tables, but many will go several steps further for the big time gambler. Some casinos even have incentive schemes for staff bringing in the highest rollers.

So, if a casino ever sends a limousine to pick you up – or better still a private jet – then you are a seriously high roller.

You love risk

Not the board game. Well, you might like that too, there’s nothing to say you wouldn’t, it’s just not what we’re talking about here. This is volatility and variance.

As a big bettor, you like it with higher levels of risk, because with that comes higher levels of reward and this is where it gets exciting. If you’re heart isn’t racing and the adrenaline isn’t on overdrive, it’s just no fun.

high roller risk
What makes a high roller? You’ve gotta love taking a risk and and playing the bigger bets – it’s where the rewards are after all…

Very Important Person

Do you receive VIP club invites from the casinos that only allow a select few into their hallowed elite? Are you given tickets to high-end events and hospitality enclosures at sporting fixtures?

Does your casino send you bubbles and presents on your birthday and offer to send you on an all-expenses holiday? Well, there’s no such thing as a free lunch and these perks don’t come easy, so chances are you’re either famous or spending a whole lot of cash at the casino. As this is one of the major pros of being a high roller, make the most of it – and if you’re spending tons and not getting anything in return, switch to a casino that will reward you in the manner you deserve.

If you’ve read this and realised you are in fact part of this elite gambling group, you’ll also now be aware of the benefits that come with this status. So make the most of it, enjoy everything that comes with it and make sure you’re wagering at one of the casinos catering for high rollers.

If you’re not yet a high roller, but aspire to be one, keep plugging away, but remember never to wager more than you can afford to lose. That’s one rule that even high rollers know to obey.

For more info check out our guide to high roller/VIP casinos.

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