Dice fraud suspect arrested after trio win almost $56k at Louisiana craps table

  • Three suspected of craps scam involving ‘dice sliding’
  • Group could be responsible for a number of casino thefts

Authorities in Louisiana have made their first arrest as they attempt to catch a ring of casino cheats suspected of dishonestly winning close to $56,000 at the craps table. The theft occurred at the Belle of Baton Rouge casino, operated by Tropicana Entertainment.

Allan Arana
Allan Arana arrested after trio win almost $56k at Louisiana craps table

Lead suspect and dice man Allan Arana was picked up after leaving a Mississippi land-based casino where staff caught on to his tactics, and he was transported to East Baton Rouge Parish following his three-day jail stay. His associates are still on the run, and police suspect the group might be responsible for many more thefts from casinos around the US.

’Dice sliding’ technique nets scammers $56k

According to police documents, the ‘Arana Group’ relied on Allan Arana’s dice skill to pull off their scam. The trio would approach the table, with Arana acting as the craps shooter during the other member’s turns. Arana would manipulate the dice as he threw them, heightening the chance of the result he wanted by sliding instead of rolling.

Meanwhile, his accomplices could pose as players, bet high at the right times, and clean up at the table. The group earned $55,855 in this way, before cashing in and leaving the venue.

The other two members of the craps scam group have been named as Lim R. Tan and Jaime Iglesias. Both men are still on the run at the time of writing, and investigators have launched a nationwide search for Arana’s accomplices.

Potential link to statewide casino thefts

The ongoing investigation links Arana, Tan and Iglesias to the Baton Rouge incident, while Arana has served his short sentence for the attempted theft at Magnolia Bluff Casino in Mississippi. However, the sophisticated yet simple scam could have been practiced at casinos across the country for several months or more.

The group have links to Las Vegas, and Arana may have worked with others to carry out his dice fraud tricks at the table. Police will now look into other casino thefts and win discrepancies, in a bid to determine if this $56k scam goes even deeper.

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