Stick or Twist? How to end your cold streak on the slots

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If you’ve played slots for any length of time you’ve probably experienced a dreaded cold streak, a period when you just can’t seem to buy a win.

That’s made even worse when you’re playing your favourite slot completely out of the zone and with nothing to show for it. A really bad spell can sometimes put you off that slot game for good, so reluctantly you change the game, and with it, your luck.

Suddenly, the reels begin to land, you’re getting the features and grabbing the money. A thought occurs to you: maybe if I swapped slots more regularly I’d win more too.

Does hopping from game to game work?

Does sticking to one slot give the best chance of winning, or does playing around increase your odds? Well, if both games have the same return to player RTP the truth is neither.

Is it best to stick with the slot you are spinning even if it has gone cold?
Is it best to stick with the slot you are spinning even if it has gone cold?

Sticking with one slot or hopping from game to game changes nothing about how slot machines work or their likelihood of paying out on the next spin.

All slots are governed by a regulated random number generator so the mechanism behind the game remains the same.

Cut your losses

So sticking with the same game must be the best option, because on average a losing streak must be followed by a winning streak, right? Wrong.

The best players known when to cut their losses.
The best players known when to cut their losses.

Every spin of the reels is a unique event with no bearing on previous events. Here’s a quick test question: if you flip a coin 100 times in a row and it lands on heads every single time, what are the chances of it landing on heads on the 101st coin toss? If you said, 50/50 then congratulations. The exact same rules apply to slots.

Although the logic behind this is simple enough to understand it’s a lot harder to think like this when money is involved. What if you’d been betting on tails that last 100 times?

It probably wouldn’t be as easy to simply believe your luck was out and to walk away.

When you’ve put a certain amount of money into a slot it is easy to believe that you are in some way due a payment soon, but that is never the case. These sunk costs have no bearing on what happens next. What you should be considering is if, rather than the slot itself, you should be changing the online casino you’re playing it at.

What you can do to boost your chances of winning

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