Is Starburst really the most popular slot game ever? Yep, and here’s why…

  • Players new and old love this mobile-friendly slot that pays out often and pays out big
  • Simplicity and ease of play is key to Starburst’s success alongside some glitzy graphics and a hypnotic soundtrack

Sharing its name with a brand of juicy fruity chewy sweeties, Starburst is a (sort of literally) jewel in NetEnt’s crown. There’s long been a fascination with big, glittery, colourful jewels in games appealing to the magpies among us.

Starburst online slot

As well as the jewels, there’s a cosmic feel to this slot that at times emulates a solar flare or two, pleasing for those who love a bit of an outer space geek out. But this game has more to it than initially meets the eye. After all, there’s a reason why nearly every online casino that you’ll visit includes the game in it’s promotions and offers.

Yes, the aesthetics are hypnotically dazzling (as is the soundscape), but let’s not get too sidetracked here – it’s also the tasty bang you get for your buck that entices you into rolling those reels and makes Starburst the hit it is.

It’s not about the money? Yes it is!

Clearly Jessie J wasn’t talking about online casinos when she sang this song because, when it comes to Starburts it is all about the money – or at least mostly.

Free play gamers still get a kick out of this classic: the satisfaction of winning prevails even if it isn’t actually bringing home the bacon, but it’s not the free players who have made Starburst so big – it’s the cash players you can thank for that.


Life is complicated, but playing games doesn’t have to be. Starburst is oh so simple to play, ensuring both veterans and newbies are suitably enthralled. It has the dual benefit of not taking long to pick up, yet hooking you in enough so that it’s not a game of which you’ll tire quickly either (remember how addicted we all became playing Candy Crush and Bejeweled, and they were pretty inane when you strip them down).

Starburst works just as well on at the mobile casino as your desktop (arguably better) so many people use it as the perfect way to fill a dull gap or ten in the day – wherever that may be.

So many stars, so many slots

Let’s face it, there are a lot of slots out there. Like, a lot. Which is great for punters because the more choice there is, the better. The beauty of Starburst is that it has 10 paylines, a 50,000 maximum payout and a low to medium level of volatility – the sum of all these parts equalling a veritable party of prizes and incentives to play.

Starburst slot game

For developers to bring customers flocking to their virtual door, they need to produce something extra special that stands out and with Starburst, that’s exactly what Net Entertainment has done. Of course, it helps that the developer have struck up favourable deals at scores of casinos across the UK and Scandinavia especially, which may also account for the game’s ubiquity.

You can thank NetEnt for making the game so readily available then, but it’s the players of casinos like bgo Casino and Powerspins Casino who’ve turned the gem-tastic game into the timeless sensation that it is today.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Our dedicated Starburst page includes a free demo play option, get spinning and you’ll never turn back.

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