Star Wars casino planet Canto Bight gets mixed reviews from movie audiences

  • The Last Jedi introduces a new casino-based realm
  • Fans’ opinions divided on movie’s casino scene

Reactions to Star Wars: The Last Jedi have been hitting the internet since the film launched on December 15th.

The sci-fi movie introduces new planet Canto Bight – a casino themed world based loosely on Las Vegas.

Fans have been responding to the addition of a new Sin City-themed planet to the Star Wars universe, with Canto Bight getting a mixed reception overall.

Star Wars casino planet Canto Bight
Star Wars casino planet Canto Bight gets mixed reviews from movie audiences. PHOTO: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Visit Canto Bight with Rose and Finn

Canto Bight is an unusual addition to the Star Wars universe because it does not fall into the classic ‘good’ and ‘evil’ camps which are common throughout the movies.

The Las Vegas style planet is filled with the galaxy’s wealthiest beings. The movie’s writer Rian Johnson calls Canto Bight “a playground for rich assholes.”

The setting is extremely lavish and hedonistic, with residents concerned only with their own selfish desires.

Despite this self-absorbed and greedy nature, Canto Bight is a break from the war-torn Star Wars universe we are used to seeing on screen.

It is a beautiful place filled with luxury and glamor – and it looks great on the big screen.

Fans react to the Canto Bight scene

There are 136 minutes of action in the Last Jedi, with some viewers saying the movie felt a little long.

Star Wars casino planet Canto Bight 2
Star Wars casino planet Canto Bight. PHOTO: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

If there had been cuts to the movie prior to its release, many suggest the Canto Bight storyline could have been dropped with little impact to the overall film. Vanity Fair called the scene “the film’s most disposable sequence”.

However, losing the casino scene would have meant limiting Rose and Finn’s screen time, and the two characters have proved extremely popular with fans of the series.

It would also have meant missing out on some awesome cameos. Canto Bight is packed with celebrity appearances, and spotting them all is great fun!

Alien characters in the casino realm are played by some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Warwick Davis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Justin Theroux. Mark Hamill himself also puts in a double shift for the film – as well as revisiting his role as Luke Skywalker, he makes a very brief appearance on the Canto Bight casino floor!

The Last Jedi is already a box office hit

Fans have been flocking to cinemas to catch the latest installment of the Star Wars saga since it launched last week.

As ever, reactions to the film have been fiercely divided, with some viewers calling it the best Star Wars movie yet – and others saying that The Last Jedi is just a flawed copy of the classic The Empire Strikes Back.

Many have praised the movie for its strong female lead, and for giving prominence to characters of color. The late Carrie Fisher’s final appearance as Leia is sure to tug at the audience’s heartstrings as well. Despite this, some feel that The Last Jedi – the longest Star Wars movie in the series so far – failed to bring its storylines together and keep the viewer’s attention throughout the film.

Whether you love it or hate it, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is certainly the movie to see this Christmas. In the four days since it launched, the movie has made $450.8 million at the box office – and it could well become the most successful chapter in the whole Star Wars series.

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