New Sonic the Hedgehog game Sonic Forces revives classic casino night level

  • New game includes casino level with pinball and slots
  • Game style pays tribute to Sonic 2’s Casino Night Zone

A new Sonic the Hedgehog video game has revived the classic casino level from the second instalment of the series, and given the concept a serious upgrade in the process.

Watch footage of the level below

Sonic Forces will feature the Casino Forest as part of its Classic Sonic level selection, Sega has confirmed with a new trailer of the level.

The casino-themed stage will include Las Vegas style scenery, crazy pinball physics and even an in-game slot machine feature.

Inside the Casino Forest

Fans of the Sonic series will remember the bright and bouncy Casino Night Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, with its jazzy theme song and pinball flippers.

Sonic Forces brings back the 2D platformer style – albeit with a high definition upgrade – and reintroduces many of the casino elements from the earlier title.

Most notable is the in-game slot feature, where players allow a pinball flipper to send Sonic into a giant slot machine. The reels will spin and, if lucky, Sonic might be awarded a prize.

Players can spin as often as they want, though the level timer suggests you shouldn’t spend too long going for the jackpot before moving on.

Spin and dash through the level’s various segments, collecting rings and points as you go, and try and find the right path through the level to safely reach the end.

The casino level is a bonus for players hoping to collect a high score, with no interruption from enemies and no unexpected pitfalls. However, the fast and furious style makes it one of Sonic’s more challenging levels – and one that divides the opinion of players.

New Sonic game due for release this fall

Sonic Forces is created by Sega, and will be made available for console and PC gamers when it is released later this year. The game combines ‘Modern’ and ‘Classic’ gameplay and frequently references the original titles.

It will also include a custom character option for the first time, and includes weapons and abilities that can be customized by the player.

Since the game was announced last year, Sega has been slow to release details but the recent Casino Forest evel reveal has started to build hype for the finished game. Sonic Forces is expected to hit the shelves in November of this year.

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