AT LAST: Software that prevents players breaching online casino bonus terms

  • Bonus protection feature to shield players from mistakes that cost them their winnings
  • SoftSwiss software aims to put end to player rage at voided bonus earnings

A clever piece of software has been released that can stop players from breaking maximum bet rules that can void online casino bonus winnings.

SoftSwiss online casino max bet protection
SoftSwiss has released software that can help players protect their online casino bonus winnings by not breaching terms and conditions.

Software developer SoftSwiss has developed a max bet bonus protection tool, according to a report by iGamingBusiness.

Players who use casinos powered by SoftSwiss software may now be alerted to potential breaches of bonus terms which can risk their winnings and also cause frustration and anger.

Winnings at risk

Most online casinos offer attractive bonuses to new and existing players but terms and conditions often dictate that players cannot go over a set bet amount in a single bonus wagering round when there is an active bonus in their balance.

Often, in order for players to recoup their bonus winnings they must wager a certain multiple of the bonus amount often 20 times or even 50 times that amount. If, for example, the player had a $100 bonus with a 20 times wagering requirement, the player would have to wager $2,000 on one or a number of casino games to then reclaim any winnings they may have won via the bonus. But often, there is a maximum amount players can wager on each game. If this is breached, and it can be easily done, their bonus winnings can be considered void.

Players are naturally unhappy about such mistakes, leading SoftSwiss to make provide the solution in a bid to stop casinos having to deal with unhappy customers blaming them for sharp practices. It is also perhaps this kind of frustration which has led to poor survey results in the UK on player opinion of online casinos.

On-screen warning

SoftSwiss’ software will display a warning if players try to go over the maximum bet amount, stating that they have reached their ‘play limit’.

The changes are likely to simplify the job of casinos by removing the need to investigate breaches of terms and deciding whether limits have been exceeded intentionally.

As each case has to be investigated individually, this can be a time-consuming and costly process which many online casinos will want to avoid.

The SoftSwiss max bet bonus protection feature is still fairly new on the market but it is expected that other companies may follow suit and include similar protection features in the future.


This software should prove a real boon to players.

Terms and conditions are tedious and seldom read at the best of times, so it comes as no surprise when players get confused, frustrated or downright angry when bonuses are wiped out for reasons they don’t fully understand.

This leads to suspicion and distrust, even if technically the online casinos have done nothing wrong.

Wouldn’t it be great if all bonus conditions could be made available to the player when playing games, so they know exactly where they stand in relation to withdrawing any winnings? This piece of software seems a step in that direction and more online casinos be taking note.

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