How social media stars are busting crazy online slot myths

    • A group of Twitch streamers devoted their weekend to busting some popular slot myths
    • Fans’ suggestions ranged from plausible to outright ridiculous and outrageous

Those who have played casino slots for a while, or even just been around people who play a lot, will no doubt have probably heard a lot of different myths and theories about various games.

Myth busting slots
Some slot players have constructed far-fetched myths about certain slots like Dead or Alive, which have been busted by social media Twitch streamers.

Theories typically include things like, ‘if two 10s come on the middle reel, and there is the scatter on the first line, you’ll always/never hit a bonus’.

Most of these myths make no sense, some of them are partially true, and every now and then, there is one that’s spot on. Over the last couple of weeks, a number of Twitch streamers who stream their online slot adventures took it upon themselves to bust some of these myths. They asked users to post some of their favorite myths on the forum, and then proceeded to pick the most interesting ones to try and either bust or confirm.

Busting myths and having fun

Seeing how most slot myths don’t really make sense, the main idea behind this myth-busting journey was to have some fun and have an excuse to try many different slots. Their viewers really liked the idea as well, especially since there were some rewards involved for the most interesting myths. So, they took it to the forum, blasting out ideas ranging from plausible to downright outrageous.

Streaming slots on Twitch has become quite popular, and some viewers have thousands of followers tuning in on a regular basis. The weekend of myth busting was these streamers’ attempt to get the viewers more involved with their efforts, creating a much more enjoyable atmosphere for everyone on the rail. From what I’ve seen, it worked like a charm, as fans were really excited to see the streamers try and confirm their theories.

Creativity at work

Once the forum thread was open, followers came up with some really creative ideas. Some of them made more sense than the others.

For example, one user wanted to confirm the myth about a slightly longer spin on Dead or Alive slot never awarding the third scatter required to trigger the bonus. This one was hard to prove or disapprove, but in the end, a few forum members agreed that this probably has to do with a casino platform rather than the game itself.

A different user had an interesting idea for the Knight’s Life slot. He claimed turning off the lights will grant you a bonus, because “horses are scared of lights.” While it’s hard to speak to the nature of virtual horses, this outrageous myth hilariously appeared to be confirmed, as the slot triggered the bonus soon after turning the lights off. So, if you enjoy playing Knight’s Life, you might as well do it in the dark. It can’t hurt, at the very least.

A different myth claimed that whenever there are scatters on the first two reels and a wild on the third reel in Thunderstruck II, you’ll never get the third scatter. This one was hard to confirm or deny definitely, but streamers did give it a good shot.

One to explore

One interesting myth that was semi-confirmed and deserves some more exploration has to do with NetEnt’s Secret of the Stones slot. The user claimed that, when picking stones for the bonus game, wild reels are always set within two spaces of one another.

One of the streamers did trigger the bonus round, and after exploring the grid, in this test there appeared to be something to this myth. This is not to say it is spot on, but once again, you can’t go wrong if you go ahead and try it. If you want to go along with this myth, your best bet would be to start by picking one of the corner stones, as those have the least number of surrounding stones.

Is there any merit to slot myths?

Seeing some of the ideas posted by the users must make one wonder how do people even come up with some of these things. For example, one myth had to do with a very exact combination of quick and standard spins, claiming this pattern guarantees you’ll trigger the bonus round.

The truth is, all properly designed and regulated slots, verified by licensing authorities and auditing agencies, work based on the random number generator. This means there are no patterns that can be discerned by simply playing a game. Of course, nothing is truly random in life, so some people have been able to crack slot machine patterns using high-end computer software.

So, most slot myths are really just a fruit of players’ imagination and don’t have any foundations in reality. At the same time, seeing how slots are really random, there is nothing you can do to hurt your winning chances. This means that testing these different myths and even believing in some of them can only make your playing experience more fun.

And let’s face it, most people’s superstitions come to the surface when it comes to casino games, and they seldom have any basis in logic or rationality.

If you feel inspired by this text to go and do some myth busting on your own, you can find plenty of ideas on the internet. It might be just what you need to add some excitement to your slots playing routine!

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not Casinopedia.

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