SLOTS HEAD2HEAD: Top Gun v Titanic

  • Titanic may be the second-highest grossing film of all time but how does the slot game based on the movie shape up?
  • We compare the Titanic slot with another big-screen inspired game, Top Gun

It is quite common for slots to borrow themes from popular movies and developers often enter agreements with production houses and other rights’ owners to borrow sound, footage, and other elements from the said movies.

Usually, if it is a movie that was well-received by the audience, the game reaches a decent level of popularity.

However, when it comes to Scientific Games’ Titanic Slot and Playtech’s Top Gun, this doesn’t seem to be the case, as neither of these casino games seems to be among players’ favorites.

We took these two titles into the head-to-head battle, not only to compare them, but also to give them some well-deserved visibility.

Top Gun

Characters from the film like Charlie, Jester, Iceman, Stinger, and Goose are all in the Top Gun slot game.
Characters from the film like Charlie, Jester, Iceman, Stinger, and Goose are all in the Top Gun slot game.

Graphics & audio 5/5

Playtech’s Top Gun is based on the hugely popular and successful 1986s film of the same name starring Tom Cruise. With reels aptly set above the clouds, the game features characters from the film like Charlie, Jester, Iceman, Stinger, and Goose.

Lower paying symbols will also feel familiar for anyone who’s seen the movie, with dark shades, legendary pilot jacket, and fighter jet scatters. Additionally, the game has the original Top Gun soundtrack and some pretty neat animations, so we don’t have any complaints here.

In-game features 4/5

The Top Gun slot features 243 ways to win and a couple of interesting features. The first one appears during the base game and in the bonus and it is called Dogfight Wilds. The fighter jet will appear in front of the reels, shooting out random wilds, adding as many as 15 wilds.

The second feature is triggered by three scatter symbols. Players are taken into the Danger Zone Free Games round, with eight free spins and the enhanced Dogfight Wilds feature. Of course, the slot could be richer in features, but that’s true for almost any game out there. Overall, Top Gun holds its own in this category.

Top Gun slot games reels
Top Gun slot games reels

RTP 3.5/5

If there is one thing where Top Gun is definitely below standards that’s the game’s RTP. This slot has a fairly low return of 94.93%, which is a couple of percentage lower than most online slots and well behind some of the higher RTP games. It’s hard to say whether this is the reason players mostly steer clear of this title or not, but this is definitely something to keep in mind.

Winning potential 5/5

The full line of the highest paying symbol, represented by the Top Gun logo, pays 1,500 coins or 60 times the stake.
Since this is a 243-ways slot with a possibility of random wilds (Top Gun logos) being added to the reels, this game can pay quite handsomely. In theory, player could get all reels filled with wilds, which would pay 14,500 times the stake. As unlikely this is to happen, the potential is there.

Top Gun slot game pay table
Here is a look at the Top Gun paytable showing the symbols you want to see on the reels

Overall value 4/5

Top Gun is a visually attractive game with very nice background music, especially for the fans of the movie. Features are quite solid as well and the slot has a tremendous potential for big wins. On the flip side, the RTP is somewhat low, which means this slot can be quite costly.


Jack and Rose as well as a few other popular characters feature in the Titanic slot game.
Jack and Rose as well as a few other popular characters feature in the Titanic slot game.

Graphics & sound 4.5/5

Love it or hate it, Titanic is undoubtedly one of the best known movies to have ever been made. SG (Bally) probably banked with this popularity when they took it upon themselves to create this slot. Designers decided to keep things simple but nice, with a nice background representing the inside of the ship and white reels featuring Jack and Rose as well as a few other popular characters.

Other than this, there is an old pocket watch, a pair of white gloves, an old car, suitcases, and barrels. Adding to the overall feel are short snippets from the original movie accompanying some special features.

In-game features 3.5/5

Titanic doesn’t lack in features. In fact, SG may have gone just a bit too far. Depending on the amount wagered, players will have different features available to them. Players need to pay a special bonus of 15x the line stake and wager at least $2 per spin to have access to all the features.

Mystery features are the most interesting, as they can add double wilds and wild reels, creating some big wins. Then, there is also Jack’s Drawing Mystery Feature, and the slot also features three different jackpots.
The problem is, it is all just too complicated.

There are too many things to keep track of, meaning players might not enjoy their time spent playing as much. If you aren’t even certain what triggers what, that really takes away a lot from the experience, and not many players will spend 10+ minutes reading all the explanations and trying to remember them.

Titanic slot game reels
Titanic slot game reels

RTP 4/5

Players can get the RTP of up to 96.05%, but to get this, it is necessary to play at the highest level, with all features activated.

This isn’t that uncommon with the slots, although some players prefer flat return rates that don’t change with your bet size.

Winning potential 4.5/5

This game features a progressive jackpot, so this puts it in a whole different category in terms of the winning potential.

However, with the slot not being very popular, it is hard to say just how big this jackpot can grow. Regardless, if you get lucky, you can win really big with Titanic.

Here's a look at what Titanic can pay out if you are lucky enough!
Here’s a look at what Titanic can pay out if you are lucky enough!

Overall value 4/5

The Titanic slot certainly has many great qualities, from the looks and music to interesting bonus features. However, the game seems somewhat too complex for an average casino player to enjoy.

Furthermore, players have to play above certain level to unlock all the features and have a shot at the main jackpot, which can be an instant turnoff for many.

Our verdict & where to play

In this battle, air force takes the victory over the merchant navy. Top Gun just seems more exciting to play, and the fact it is a straightforward game that doesn’t force you to be higher helps as well.

Titanic isn’t a bad slot, but it just doesn’t give off the vibe of the game that you’d come back to after a couple of hundred spins.

To test your fighter jet skills, check out William Hill Casino and Paddy Power Casino, both of which feature Top Gun in their game libraries.

SG’s Titanic is available at Videoslots Casino.

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