SLOTS HEAD2HEAD: Smash the Pig vs Karate Pig

There is no lack of various animals inhabitation casino reels. From ants and ladybugs to lions and elephants, we’ve seen slots featuring pretty much all the beasts there are out there.

When it comes to farm animals, pigs seem to hold a very special position in game developers’ hearts, because we’ve seen quite a few slots starring pigs of all shapes and sizes over the years.

Today, we’ll compare two such slots to see which one favors players more: Smash the Pig by IGT or Microgaming’s Karate Pig.

Smash the Pig

The Smash the Pig slot - but can it destroy the competition?
The Smash the Pig slot – but can it destroy the competition?

Graphics & audio 3.5/5

IGT’s Smash the Pig slot isn’t the most visually elaborate game you’ll have a chance to play. Set on a backdrop of a cloudy sky, reels are white and without any interesting decorations. Game symbols, apart from the usual playing card symbols, are represented by pigs, coins, cash bundles, and smashing hammers.

Sounds accompanying wins are rather loud and could grate, especially after the first few times, so we can’t say this game is joy for the senses.

In-game features 4/5

Smash the Pig features 20 paylines, with all wins paid from left to right or right to left, starting from either the first or the fifth reel. There are two different bonus features. The Pick a Pig bonus awards cash prizes and can trigger the second feature – the Pig Smashing bonus.

Smash the Pig's base game.
Smash the Pig’s base game.

As the name suggests, in the second bonus, you’ll get to smash some pigs and win some money for it. There is the Luck Meter on the right, which runs lower with every pick, and once your luck runs out, the bonus feature ends.

RTP 2.5/5

It isn’t common for a slot to get this low rating for the RTP, but with Smash the Pig, it is well deserved. The game features an extremely low return to player of just 92.15%, which isn’t just low for an online casino slot but is probably marginal for modern-day slots found in land based casinos.

Winning potential 3.5/5

Since symbols aren’t stacked on the reels and there are no multipliers or special bonus features, it is easy to figure out the maximum win for the Smash the Pig slot.

The paytable is detailed, but unfortunately the slot hasn't got huge potential.
The paytable is detailed, but unfortunately the slot hasn’t got huge potential.

A full line of the highest paying symbol, Smash the Pig logo, will pay 500x the total bet. This is decent for older slots, but these days, players are used to games with a much higher potential – not to mention the rather underwhelming RTP figure.

Overall value 3/5

It is hard to find much to lift the Smash the Pig slot above anything other than average.

Below average graphics and extremely low RTP make this game a little disappointing. One thing this slot has going for it is its comic value, which may entertain some, but for most, that won’t trump the fact this game can really eat up your bankroll quickly.

Karate Pig

The Karate Pig slot game. Can it fight off Smash the Pig? Almost certainly yes.
The Karate Pig slot game. Can it fight off Smash the Pig? Almost certainly yes.

Graphics & audio 4/5

Microgaming’s Karate Pig also deals with pigs and smashing, with the only difference being that it’s the pigs doing the smashing instead of getting smashed. Although the slot has no background, which makes it feel as if reels are hanging in the air, symbols on the reels have been designed quite nicely, with funny animations to celebrate the wins.

The background music is quite uplifting as well, so Karate Pig leaves an overall good impression, despite some flaws.

In-game features 4.5/5

For an older slot, Karate Pig surprises with imaginative features. There is the progressive Karate Bonus, which will earn you various belts as you move along. To start with, you’ll get to choose between a Pork Chop Bonus or Hammer Bonus.

The Karate Pig slot's base game.
The Karate Pig slot’s base game.

Completing either of these will earn you a karate belt. Earn all seven belts and unlock the Final Showdown bonus feature.

There are also free spins, triggered by two scatter symbols landing on the first and the last reel. Players are initially rewarded 15 free spins with a possibility of a retrigger.

There are no special features active during free spins, but all wins are doubled.

Winning potential 4.5/5

Karate Pig features 40 paylines and the highest paying symbol, Karate Pig logo, is stacked on all the reels, which means you can get all 40 full lines of the logo. One line pays 50x the stake, and all wins during the bonus round are doubled, so this game can pay really big – to the tune of 4000x your stake.

RTP 4/5

This slot has the RTP of 96.52%, which is a standard number for most Microgaming and slots by other big-name providers.

The Karate Pig potential is a lot better than Smash the Pig.
The Karate Pig potential is a lot better than Smash the Pig.

Slightly above the average, this RTP guarantees you’ll get a lot of fun playing Karate Pig and your bankroll should last you for a while even if you don’t hit any huge wins.

Overall value 4.5/5

Apart from the fact graphics could be a bit better, Karate Pig has everything a casino slot needs to have: exciting features, huge winning potential, and a very decent RTP. Unless you have something against pigs practicing this noble martial art, of course, but that one is on you.

Our verdict & where to play

If it isn’t clear by now, Karate Pig is a clear winner in this race. There is simply no segment in which Smash the Pig comes even close, except for the part where you get to bash the pigs with a large hammer.

We just can’t overlook that low RTP and pay potential.

That said, we get there’ll be players who’d still like to give it a go, so check out casinos hosting IGT games like Casumo or Videoslots.

Karate Pig can be found at a number of Microgaming casinos like LeoVegas, JackpotCity Casino, Mr Green Casino, and many more.

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