SLOTS HEAD2HEAD: EmotiCoins v Emoji Planet

  • What’s the best emoji-themed slot: Microgaming’s Emoticons or NetEnt’s Emoji Planet?
  • Both these slots are incredibly popular but which is best?

Emoticons, or emojis as they are often called, are small funny faces that have become an integral part of our everyday communication on social networks, Viber, Skype, and any other communication software you can think of.

With emoticons becoming so popular, it was only a matter of time before casino game developers would get in on the band wagon with slots based on this modern phenomenon.

In this head-to-head, we’ll look under the hood of two most popular such slot games, developed by none other than two industry giants, Microgaming and NetEnt.



Graphics & audio 3/5

It must be said that Microgaming clearly didn’t put too much effort into developing visuals of their EmotiCoins slot. They simply slapped a bunch of various emojis such as the smiling one, the winking one, and the one with cool black shades onto the reels and they were pretty much done with it.

While it is nice to have a game where you see a bunch of your favorite emojis in action, it feels like they could have given it a bit more thought.

In-game features 4/5

The EmotiCoins slot does have a couple of cool features, which make this game interesting to play even if the graphics aren’t spectacular. The Wild Blast feature will add up to five random wilds onto the reels, creating potential for some big wins.

There are also free spins with sticky wilds, and you get to triggered them by landing three or more ‘LOL’ scatters. At least you can save your breath after a bad bonus round.

EmotiCoins reels base game
EmotiCoins reels base game

RTP 4/5

The game features an average RTP of 96.5%, which is pretty good. You can find games with better return to player rates out there, but not too many featuring emojis, so if you love your smiley faces, it is good to know EmotiCoins won’t swallow up your bankroll too quickly even if you aren’t running particularly hot.

Winning potential 4/5

The slot features 30 paylines, with the line of wilds paying 50 times the total bet. This means that a good run in the free games, with a few well-positioned wild stickers and regular added wilds can land you a pretty hefty win. The potential definitely exists with this game.

Emoticoins free spins
Emoticoins free spins

Overall value 4/5

There isn’t much making EmotiCoins stand out from other slots apart from its theme. However, given the number of casino games featuring emojis is still rather limited, the slot is definitely worth a few spins.

Microgaming could have done so much more with this game, though, so we’re hoping they’ll make up for it with some future sequel.

Emoji Planet

Emoji Planet
Emoji Planet

Graphics & audio 4.5/5

When designing their Emoji Planet slot, NetEnt clearly had their target audience at mind. They set the game on the 6×5 grid, with an outlay similar to the one found in social network games such as Candy Crush or Farm Heroes saga.

They also made sure to include many more symbols than just various faces, so there are pizza slices, rockets, aliens, kissing lips, hearts, and even a turd (not sure if the last one had to be there, but now we have to deal with it).

In-game features 5/5

NetEnt didn’t just make their game look like one of Facebook Sagas; they made it play like one as well. Instead of the usual paylines, players are paid when symbols create clusters of five or more. Winning combinations explode and disappear, making room for new symbols to drop in. This continues for as long as there are winning combinations.

There are also five emoji meters, filling up whenever you get a corresponding winning combination. A total of 12 symbols is needed to fill up a meter, which triggers when there are no more paying combinations on the reels, activating one of the special features to continue the winning streak. Once things get going, the streak can last for quite a while.

Emoji Planet reels
Emoji Planet reels


The 96.4% RTP of Emoji Planet is almost identical to the RTP of EmojiCoins. The .1% difference is hardly relevant to any player, and the game plays well with plenty of small wins along the way.

The volatility of Emoji Planet also seems a bit lower with so many possible combinations on the grid all the time and many features that are easy to activate.

Winning potential 4/5

It is hard to judge this game’s winning potential. In theory, you could win heaps with the right setup, but it just doesn’t seem like a kind of a slot that would do this.

That said, NetEnt did limit the maximum payout from a game round to 100,000 times the total bet, so it is probably possible.

Emoji planet slot win
Emoji planet slot win

Overall value 5/5

If you want to play a game based on emoticons and emojis, it feels like Emoji Planet is much better choice. The game has so many cool features and never-ending action that it will keep your interest throughout.

Furthermore, graphics are simply much superior, so if you want to see your favorite emojis in action, you’ll be better served by NetEnt.

Our verdict and where to play

These two emjoi-themed slots come very close in this match-up, but it is NetEnt’s Emoji Planet that comes out on top for us. Emoji Planet offers an excellent Avalanche feature, the chance to win 5,000 times your bet comfort, and bonus features every time you get a win using any of 5 symbols, all of which make it a solid pick.

If you are wondering which online casino is the best for trying out these two slots, we recommend playing LeoVegas Casino a visit; the casino’s great line up of slots, live dealer games and generous bonuses make it a great choice.

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