SLOTS HEAD2HEAD: Halloween Slot v Psycho Slot

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Slots that draw on famous Hollywood movies aren’t a new thing.

They’ve been around for a while as game designers have realized that the popularity of a franchise is a a great starting point that guarantees a solid player base even before the game is released.

We look into two games based on cult horror/thriller classic, Halloween and Pyscho; with both games so popular and packed full of bonus features our experts had fun testing these two.

Halloween by Microgaming

Halloween slot game
Halloween slot game

Graphics & audio 4.5/5

Released in 2017, Microgaming’s Halloween slot was a game that players expected a lot from, and the company didn’t disappoint. Set on the front porch of Michael Myers’ family home, the slot features many familiar film characters such as Loomis, Lynda, Annie, and Laurie.

There are also many recognizable objects such as a knitting set, a clown mask, a kitchen knife, and more. Add to this original, creepy music, and Halloween certainly delivers. We’d like to see a few more cut scenes during gameplay, which is the only thing where the company could have done better.

In-game features 5/5

The Halloween slot abounds in interesting features that will keep you spinning those reels. The first thing you’ll notice is the unusual reel setup, with an uneven number of symbols on different reels.

With a total of 50 paylines, Jumbo Blocks, and the Wandering Reels feature, even in the base game this slot has a lot to offer.

Three bonus symbols will trigger the Trick or Treat Wheel where players can win cash prizes and several different features. There are four different types of free spins as well as Boogeyman Bonus, which will see you trying to escape a horrible fate at the hands of Michael Myers, collecting prizes along the way.

Halloween slot game reels
Halloween slot game reels

RTP 4/5

The game features a return to player (RTP) of 96%, which is nothing to write home about, but it is fairly standard for most Microgaming slots. With this kind of an RTP, players can expect to get a lot of play, especially since the volatility isn’t very high, meaning there are relatively frequent wins to keep you going.

Winning potential 3.5/5

Like with most 50 payline slots, the full line of the highest paying symbol isn’t that valuable, paying 10x the stake. With stacked symbols and Jumbo Blocks, players can expect to connect many paylines and make a big win, but the maximum potential of the game is somewhat limited.

Since there is no multiplier, even the full screen of the highest paying symbol (Laurie) would only pay 500 times the stake, which isn’t a little, but there are games with much bigger potential hits.

Halloween by Microgaming bonus round
Halloween by Microgaming bonus round

Overall value 4/5

Microgaming’s Halloween slot has everything a modern slot needs apart from the potential for huge wins. It is a sleek and entertaining game with smooth graphics and plenty of features. If you enjoy movie-based slots and are a fan of the Halloween franchise, you’ll enjoy every moment. Others might not find it that thrilling, but there’s hardly anyone who won’t enjoy taking this game for a test ride.

Psycho by NextGen Gaming

Psycho slot game
Psycho slot game

Graphics & audio 5/5

Based on Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, NextGen’s Psycho takes you to the infamous Bates motel during a dark, rainy night. The creepy atmosphere is further enhanced by the sounds of the pouring rain and the blowing wind, with sharp, edgy music playing every time you spin the reels.

In terms of creating a scary and uncomfortable atmosphere, this slot does a great job, especially if you add random lightning bolts tearing through the night and Norman Bates appearing out of nowhere to slice the reels with his knife.

In-game features 5/5

Just like Halloween, Psycho abounds in various features. First of all, all wins containing a wild symbols are multiplied by a random multiplier from 2x all the way up to 20x.

The Psycho Wilds feature will see Bates tear through the reels, leaving wilds in places where he strikes with his knife.
There is also the free spins feature, triggered by three or more scatters. During free spins, the maximum wild multiplier increases up to 40x, making the feature super-exciting.

Psycho slot game reels
Psycho slot game reels

RTP 4/5

NextGen Gaming’s Psycho has an RTP slightly lower than Halloween, standing at 95.57%.

While we’d always want a game we like to also have a super-high RTP, this isn’t realistic, and the truth is that small differences such as this don’t really make that much of a difference.

Although Psycho formally features lower returns, these two casino games are pretty much in the same category.

Winning potential 4.5/5

With half as many paylines (25), Psycho slot features a much higher winning potential than Halloween. Whenever there is a potential multiplier as high as 40x, you know the game can end up producing a huge win.

The full line of the highest paying symbol will pay 40 times the stake and with random wilds and multipliers, you’re looking at some head-spinning potential payouts.

Psycho free spins
Psycho free spins

Overall value 4.5/5

This game has pretty much everything you could ask from a creepy, horror slot. Psycho is fun to play, it creates an air of fear and uncertainty, and has a potential for huge payouts.

The game can be a bit volatile at times, which is the only downside of this slot, but if you have a nice bankroll and enjoy horror-themed games, it will provide you with hours of high-quality entertainment.

Our verdict and where to play

Hitchcock deliberately wanted Psycho to look like a cheap exploitation film with average graphics but the same certainly can’t be said for the Psycho-themed slot and it is the fantastic animation that sees the slot taking the bragging rights in this head to head.

Both of these slots are popular among players and can be found easily at the majority of online casinos but to ensure your playing experience is as good as it can be our experts recommend heading over to Mr Green Casino, and if it is your first time at the casino be sure to check out the generous bonuses on offer.

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