Is there such a thing as a slots strategy, or is it just luck?

  • Discover how to maximise your slot earning potential
  • Here are some factors you should consider before switching to slots

Casino games such as poker and blackjack, while still gambling, have whole books published on strategy.

But what about for the slots fans? There are thousands of tips that you can find floating around on the internet, but many have very little research to back them up, including such wisdom like ‘slots pay higher between 2 and 6 am’ and ‘playing a slot at the end of a row results in higher payouts’.

Slots strategy
Slots strategy: is it the thing of myth or is there really anything you can do to get ahead? Let’s find out…

The truth is, though slot machines are one of the simplest methods of gambling that you can find, there are some strategies you can use to help you maximise your payout. Spoiler alert: these mostly involve choosing the game that’s right for you.

Knowledge is the best strategy

Research goes a long way for your wallet. Although slots developers don’t always publicise the return-to-player value of their slots, reviewers often have estimates of this percentage and if you play a slot in the 90% or above range, you have a better chance of walking away with at least what you started with.

Confusion payment options
Don’t go in blind – do your research, understand your options and what a slot can give you before you get started

It’s also a good idea to learn a bit about volatility too. A slot with low volatility will pay out much more often than a slot with high volatility, but the wins will be much smaller.

High volatility slots, on the other hand, can advertise huge progressive jackpots, but they also can drain your bankroll before you actually get there. A lot of experts recommend going for slots with smaller jackpots, since there is a much higher chance of winning those than that elusive progressive jackpot. If you do choose to play with progressive slots, bet the maximum if you can afford it, as the bet will simply not count on some machines if it’s not the maximum bet.

A few do’s and don’ts

It’s important to understand the line between blindly gambling and playing to your advantage. Set a limit and don’t go over it. The best way to avoid losing is knowing when to walk away. A lot of people mistakenly believe that once a machine has paid out once, it’s ‘hot’ and will continue to pay out again and again.

Setting a time limit can also help to avoid going over budget. If it’s not a requirement for the jackpot (as it often is for progressive slots) then be wary of hitting that ‘bet max’ button, as it can quickly obliterate your budget.

Try it before you buy it

Punters playing online have a massive advantage over land-based slots players in that you often get a chance to spin a slot in demo mode before investing real money in it. You can play around with paylines, check out how easy or hard it is to get free spins, sample all the bonus games and peruse the paytable. You can try a host of the very best online slots here.

Free play play online slots
If you really want to be sure, get yourself logged on and try out some games for free first. Casinopedia has a host of the latest titles to test

It’s also best not to get too emotionally attached to one slot, as there are always new slots being developed with high RTPs and attainable jackpots, so don’t be afraid to shop around at different online casinos and with different slots developers.

While there isn’t one blanket video slot strategy that suits every punter, there are many ways to play wisely, some of which are more advantageous for a smaller budget and some of which are preferable for high rollers. Researching online slots is essential before choosing to play for real money, and setting limits is also crucial. Of course, probability plays the biggest role in video slots, but with awareness you’ll at least boost your chances of reeling in some sizable wins.

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