Man signs up for online casino and wins $4.9 million TWO HOURS later

  • Player signs up for Casumo online casino and scoops nearly $5 million two hours later
  • Win came five days after another multi-million win at same casino

A slot player hit a jackpot of nearly $5 million just two hours after signing up to an online casino and depositing $25. That win came just five days after another player at the same online casino won another life-changing sum of $3.47 million.

Play the video below for a reconstruction of the winning $4.9 million spin.

These two regular guys got lucky big-time thanks to the progressive jackpots of two slot games at Casumo online casino.

They were not strategists using complex computer data to improve the odds, nor were they high rollers staking vast wads of cash across a range of systems, playing the percentages. No, these were two working Joes, who just happened to hit the right numbers in a few quiet moments between eating and sleeping.

How the first millions were won

On March 30, the first player, who wished to remain anonymous, returned from a nightshift to make an unplanned play at his online casino before turning in.

When he realised he’d won the Mega Fortune online slot jackpot, he couldn’t wait to wake up his partner to tell her about the life changing sum of money they suddenly had.

The video below is a reconstruction of the winning spin.

He hit the $3.47 million jackpot soon after starting playing with a mere $2.67 spin. “I woke my partner up and said, ‘Hey, I think I’ve won £2.8 million (UK pound sterling equivalent),’” said the winner, from Sweden. “She had a bit of a shock there, in the middle of the night.”

Chatting with a Casumo representative he also spoke about thinking how nice it would be to win a big jackpot while walking home from his nightshift. After he had eaten, he decided to log into his Casumo account on a whim and the rest, as they say, is history.

A trip to Maldives, god-parenting a child in need and starting a charity, along with helping his own family to a better lifestyle, are just a few of the plans now on the cards for this lucky winner.

A second millionaire made a few days later

The astonishing thing about Casumo’s second big winner, aged 30, was not just that he was two hours in to his online casino experience before scooping the prize, but he also staked just a little over $1 for the spin. He wagered the money on Mega Fortune Dreams, winning the prize on April 4, and at the same time breaking the Casumo jackpot record.

The payout was in Euros, at €4,621,607.81 and he was playing on his smartphone.

“Both winners said they couldn’t believe they had become millionaires overnight,” said the Casumo representative Sonja, who contacted the lucky winners. “I could hear sheer joy in their voices.”


Depositing $25 with Casumo casino will be the best investment that 30-year-old has ever made. But he also made a canny choice in opting for Mega Fortune Dreams, a slot which pays a progressive jackpot.

The same goes for the first winner, who was playing Mega Fortune. If you as a player are looking to become a multimillionaire, and possibly within an instant, then it is the progressive slots that you should be opting for.

It is quite incredible to sign up for a site and walk away with nearly $5 million a couple of hours later, but it happened. It is important to remember that these progressive wins are highly unlikely, so think of it more in terms of having a ticket for the lottery.

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