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If you are not used to playing casino games but fancy spinning a slot for the first time or giving your poker face a try then we reckon there are three games which are a great place for casino beginners to get started.

If you’re worried about losing your hard-earned savings, never fear, cos we’ve chosen three casino games that you can play casually without rinsing your bankroll.

As you’ll discover, even the humblest of sums can go a long way if you’re suitably savvy and these tips can be applied when playing at both online casinos and land-based casinos.


Paddy Power Live Dealer
Live Dealer Blackjack is well worth spending some time playing.

Also known as ‘21’, this game comes in many forms and is wildly popular for casino amateurs, as it’s played with relatively few rules and depending on the casino has a house edge as low as 1%, meaning the odds are in your favour.

Your task in blackjack is to simply gain a card value total that is as close to 21 as possible without ‘busting’ (going over 21).

So long as your score is higher than the dealer’s, you win. All you really need is two easy hand signals: ‘stand’ and ‘hit.’

Absolutely anyone can play so long as they know the value of the cards. This game is more suited to a casino novice than poker, which has a wide variety of hands to be studied (plus you’ll need to work on your poker face).

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bwin craps
Craps is a great casino game to give a go if you are a beginner

If you grow tired of blackjack and keeping your maths straight, you might fancy the thrill of the craps table. Craps is a highly sociable game and doesn’t require as much stoicism as blackjack.

While there is an overwhelming number of possible bets you can make, just know that not all of them are worth betting on. Craps strategists advise beginners to stick to placing the ‘pass bet’ before the first roll; you’ll win if either a seven or eleven is rolled.

When you get more comfortable, you can start to place odds bets (a side bet that can be placed after an original bet; these don’t have a house edge) and just remember when throwing the dice to always rebound off the other side of the table. Craps has the advantage of being able to watch others playing, which makes it easier to learn by observation. All in all, odds are about 50-50, which isn’t bad for a table game.

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Slot Games in Vegas Concept
Is it best to stick with spinning slots?

While some might find slot machines repetitive, they can also be a great escape if you’re looking to take a moment to yourself and sip your cocktail without your friends nagging you to join them at the table.

Many slots have RTP (return to player) odds of over 90% and they often include exciting features which allow you the chance to win free bonus spins.

Playing slots allows you to bet and repeat with just one push of the button, and you can also easily keep track of your wins and losses on the slot’s display. With so many varieties and colourful themes on the slots, there’s sure to one that will be appealing to you.

If you’re trying to squeeze in as much playing time as possible, the trick is to set a small coin size to make your money go further.

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