Skill-based casino version of popular mobile game Cut the Rope 2 to hit casinos

  • Companies team up to transform an existing game into a gamblified one suitable for the land-based casinos
  • ZeptoLab’s Cut the Rope 2 will be made into a real-money game with input from Gamblit Gaming

Gamblit Gaming designs and publishes real-money, skill-based casino games, rolling out its innovative games to land-based casinos.

The company has today announced a partnership with ZeptoLab – developer of the hugely successful Cut the Rope mobile games – that will see the duo ‘gamblify’ the game, thus transforming it into a modern, skill-based casino game that could potentially help casinos attract a new audience.

Gamblit Gaming Cut The Rope

ZeptoLab’s game Cut the Rope has been downloaded by players more than one billion times, and off the back of its success the firm rolled out five additional related games, including Cut the Rope: Time Travel and Cut the Rope: Magic, among others.

Each title is accessible and playable across all mobile platforms; ZeptoLab’s gaming repertoire boasts more than 60 million users per month, with around six million users playing every day.

Success aside, the key factor for Gamblit appears to have been the skill-based elements that have made the games so successful among players. Described as “familiar to play, yet challenging to master,” Cut the Rope 2 provides a variety of challenges, unexpected hurdles, and many other aspects that provide a rich player experience.

Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 sees a small green creature called Om Nom break free of his box with one sole aim in mind, to collect and munch on copious amounts of candy.

Travel with him through cities, forests, and underground tunnels – even junkyards – on a journey of all things sweet. But Om Nom isn’t alone; he has ‘Nommies’ for company, who help him to collect the candy he craves.

Cut the Rope 2 launched seven new characters and almost 170 new levels, not to mention the fact that the player can now customize Om Nom. There are also a whole host of new graphics and sounds, as well as ongoing updates.

Skill-based gaming in casinos

With the input of Gamblit Gaming, ZeptoLab’s Cut the Rope will hit casino floors as a real-money game in 2018, making its very first appearance at the Gamblit Gaming booth at the Global Gaming Expo, held in Las Vegas, NV, in October. Gamblit Gaming will – under the terms of the new agreement – manage operations, accounts, security, and licenses, among other things.

The development follows a steady growth in discussions around the introduction of skill-based games to casinos, with a number of gaming floors in the US introducing skill-based titles.

It follows a number of land-based casinos investigating methods of attracting a new audience, particularly millennial casino fans, to their establishments with many fearing that more traditional casino games are simply not popular enough among younger players. Because, according to research, millennials favour on-the-go gameplay on devices lime smartphones, skill-based casino games that combine video game elements and casino betting are seen as a possible answer.

While such games are still in their trial phase Gamblit’s latest endeavour will provide another potential option for millennial casino visitors to enjoy.

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