Are casinos introducing new skill-based games to appeal to millenials?

  • New skill-based games are set to sweep across Nevada’s casinos this year
  • Millennial generation alters casino game demand in land based establishments

Picture a Las Vegas casino: you’re no doubt thinking of one-armed-bandits, blackjack and craps tables, and punters battling to hit the jackpot everywhere across the casino floor. Right?

The typical casino isn’t hard to imagine at all, but the more ‘traditional’ casino games we’re all so used to seeing and playing may well soon become a little less prominent than we’re used to. And there’s a reason for this.

Attracting the millennial generation

The numbers of younger people flocking to casinos across Nevada has taken a pretty drastic slip over recent years. Figures from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority show that number of consumers coming into the area aged 20 to 39 dropped to 14 million last year – a figure that’s significantly down from a high of 18.1 million back in 2014.

As a result of this trend, operators have been looking into the reason behind the drop. They believe that a new kind of interactive casino gaming experience could potentially solve the issue, a casino experience that involves innovative skill-based gaming.

One business that has been designing such games is Gamblit Gaming. The leading developer of interactive gaming experiences has most recently rolled out the first skill-based casino game to hit Las Vegas. The initial three tables and two games have been installed by Caesars Entertainment and, if successful the games will be launched in other casinos in Vegas and beyond – Gamblit has also highlighted Reno for potential games.

Blaine Graboyes, CEO of Gameco – another developer of video game gambling machines – recently told CBS News that these new games are being developed with the intention of targeting younger consumers. He explained that millennials have grown up playing video games, and that these video games are both interactive and engaging for players in a way that slots simply can’t compete with.

In an effort to capture that engaging gameplay, skill-based casino video games are likely to remain a big focus for casinos. It is hoped that bringing an interactive and fast-paced edge to casino gaming will make the prospect of a visit more attractive, and therefore raise the flagging figures revealed recently.


In some respects it’s little surprise that number of millenials visiting casinos has dropped. The ongoing proliferation of social networks and the reliance on mobile devices and ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to those things we most enjoy in life means that, for many, a trip to a land based casino is not as fulfilling as playing video games, or indeed online casinos. Will they draw people into casinos? Well, that’s another story. They certainly look great and, as far as a more experiential playing environment is concerned, it’s likely they’ll achieve that more so than a blackjack table. The problem lies in what we said at the start of this verdict. We are an ‘on demand’ society and, while certainly a step in a new direction, it remains to be seen whether these new games can provide that service.

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