Simpsons slot going down a storm in Las Vegas casinos

  • Feature-packed slots includes animations of popular Simpsons characters
  • Excited response so far from players
  • Includes hi-tech motion sensors, but not yet available to online players

A new Simpsons slot game is wowing the Vegas public as it makes its debut in casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City this month.

The Simpsons is one of the most famous animated series of all times, with a global following.

With the pressure on to develop a slot that lives up to the size of the Simpsons brand, developers Scientific Games (SG) has come up with a highly animated and feature packed machine.

From the first-look video, this land-based casino machine makes use of several large screens and motion detectors, not something that can be replicated by an online casino game yet.

However, thanks to this tech, the slot aims to bring the Simpsons to life and makes full use of the technology a large slot developer like Scientific Games has at its disposal.

Fully rounded experience

All Simpsons’ fans will feel at home with this SG slot. Featuring symbols and cut scenes from the original series, as well as voice-overs accompanying big wins and other important in-game events, Simpsons will give players a chance to spend some quality time with their favourite characters.

Main symbols in the game are the show’s protagonists: Homer, Moe, Chief Wiggum, Apu, and Krusty, among others.

Meanwhile, Homer and others will repeat some of their legendary lines and mannerisms from the show.

Loaded with features

From what’s visible in the short previews, The Simpsons slot is loaded with exciting and funny features, which won’t just give players a chance to win big but will also provide some classic Simpsons entertainment while playing.

First of all, there are several ‘Zones.’ Zones are triggered when players land four of the same characters in the corners of the five by five grid featured in The Simpsons slot. The symbols will remain locked in place and play as scatters, awarding a re-spin.

As long as players land at least one of the corner symbols during the spin, they will get another re-spin, and the total prize will increase. The goal is, of course, to fill the entire screen with the symbol and scoop the top prize – which can also be upgraded if one or more ‘Upgrade’ symbols land during any of the re-spins.

As of right now, there appear to be five zones: Homer, Apu, Moe, Krusty, and Wiggum.

The slot also features free spins, which are triggered by landing four Doughnuts in the four corners of the screen.

Players will first get to play the Sprinkles game, which is where the motion sensor comes in play. They can move their hand left and right, trying to catch different sprinkles, which will act as boosters during the free spins round, offering things like more spins, wilds and locked symbols.

The feature isn’t skill-based, which means the outcome is predetermined, but still looks like a real innovation.

The game has even more to offer, as there are other features, where you’ll get to throw pies at Krusty or scratch a scratch card, trying to boost your wins.


Although there are new games coming out almost every week, The Simpsons slot is something players can (and should) really look forward to. From everything we could see, SG did a great job to create an experience that goes well beyond just trying to win some money.

The Simpsons should be a big seller, but nothing is guaranteed, so the pressure was on Scientific Games to really deliver a game worthy of the classic series.

If you love The Simpsons, you should give this game a try as soon as it becomes available. It would be fun to at least see a simplified version of the slot at online casinos as well – the concept would just need a little simplifying for the mobile experience.

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