To autoplay or not to autoplay – which video slot option is best?

  • How to tell whether you should be using the autoplay function
  • Everyone’s different, so this one can be a cure or a curse

Like a lot of things in life, autoplay isn’t for everyone.

We are talking about, of course, the option in slot games to have the reels spin automatically, without the player so much as clicking a mouse to place a wager.

Gonzo's Quest Free Fall
Autoplay – sit back and let the action happen.

Sounds scary?

In general, automation has made things easy for us, but there are many examples where we opt not to use it. Some people prefer a manual car for example, and similarly there are many people who prefer to be in control of their gear stick when it comes to gambling. For others, the autoplay function is a welcome friend. But how do you know which camp you fall into? Here’s our guide to the pros and cons, to help you make an informed decision that will work best for you.

Reducing repetition

Let’s face it, the act of wagering on slots can be a repetitive process, so for those of us who’re impatient and lack concentration, this function take the weight off your fingers and lets the game take the strain.

There’s no clicking or tapping needed to get the reels spinning once you’re made your one click on the autoplay button. If a slot has this option, it’ll be prominently displayed and you won’t have to look too hard for it.

Ideal really, given that if you’re electing for autoplay you’re probably not wanting to add any effort into the experience (a nice way of saying you’re a bit lazy – but why work any harder than you have to?).

Test out the autoplay function in our demo game of Tiki Paradise below.

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Multitasking and kicking back

Who has time to do just one thing at a time anymore? Thanks to autoplay you can spin while simultaneously checking the sports scores or seeing what’s on the TV.

Also, you can perhaps get yourself in a more comfortable position on the sofa, or chair, without having to reach for the mouse, or constantly click that spin button.

If that sounds like it could be too easy to fritter away money, then read on.

Know your limits

For those who have a tendency to go a little crazy and overspend, autoplay allows you to set a limit, at which point the feature will stop running.

A lot of casinos have options to self-impose limits, but it’s nice to be able to do this on a specific slot or even spin too.


If you have a Fear of Missing Out, this may not be the route for you. Autoplay skips a lot of the graphics and special features that are there purely for atmosphere, enjoyment and entertainment.

Part of the fun of most slots is the themes, visuals, video sequences and ambient details that make it an immersive experience. Autoplay makes it a much more functional journey, which won’t lose you cash, but might lose you fun.

Testing slots

What better way to test slots than giving them a spin with pretend money. You can do that on a huge range of slots in our free slots section.

Sticking on autoplay will take care of the spinning, allowing you to check on that bankroll and see how the slot plays. Is it living up to its stated RTP? Is it playing with the volatility, or variance, that you expect? Regular small payouts, or infrequent, but meatier payouts?


If you like to change your bet often, then using autoplay is a pointless exercise, as you’ll only find yourself stopping and starting it constantly anyway. Play without the feature activated and you’ll neither give yourself any more work, nor will you miss out on any of the good bits of the game.

So if you’re short on time, are all about the basic spin and not interested in the slot’s story or amusing themes, go for it.

However for those who really want to soak in everything the slot has to give and enjoy a more engaged experience, give the autoplay button a miss.

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