Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne choose Wynn Las Vegas to renew wedding vows

  • Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne pick Wynn Las Vegas as the place to renew their wedding vows
  • Osbournes coming strong from the marital crisis they experienced the last year

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are known for their larger than life personalities so it is perhaps no surprise to see the couple chose the Wynn Las Vegas resort and casino as the venue to renew their wedding vows, according to reports.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne reportedly re-tied the knot in front of a small group of friends and family. The couple got married on July 4, 1982, and went through a marital crisis in 2016, when the press was full of news of the Black Sabbath rocker’s alleged affair with his hairdresser.

The best Mother's Day ever!

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However, this wasn’t enough to disrupt more than three decades of the life together, and the couple picked the famous Las Vegas casino as the place where they’d once professed their love for one other. According to Sharon, it was Ozzy’s idea, and she was very excited about it when he first asked her to do it after all the turmoil.

Going the extra mile

The affair with Pugh certainly left the mark on the Osbournes, but Ozzy was clearly intent to do whatever it takes to save his marriage. It is reported that he went as far as to get therapy for sex addiction and surprised Sharon with a diamond ring during her show The Talk in October last year.

After everything, Sharon said that renewing their wedding vows would be the best Christmas present she could imagine. It clearly took a bit longer to arrange everything, but she did receive a great Mother’s Day gift in Las Vegas.

The happy couple quickly shared their joy with their fans on Instagram, and Sharon captioned the photo “The best Mother’s Day ever!”

Definition of true love

Ozzy and Sharon’s daughter Kelly was also thrilled about the whole event. She explained she was happy to see them do it, because she knows just how much they love each other. Kelly described her parents as the “definition of true love,” and the fact they’ve been through some difficult times recently doesn’t change that. She explained that seeing Sharon and Ozzy fall in love over and over again makes her realize just how special her family truly is.


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As for Wynn, they were certainly all too happy to host an event such as this. Since it first opened in 2005, this casino has seen its fair share of important events, and this one will certainly enter its history as one of the warmest, happenings to take place on the casino grounds.


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