Scientific Games Presents the Next Generation of Casino Gambling with i-Table Roulette

  • New i-Table Roulette incorporates touch screens for players and dealers alongside the traditional roulette wheel
  • The technology reduces a possibility of a dealer mistake, increases security, and increases the number of spins per hour

Technological advancements are finding ways to improve nearly every sphere of life, and casino gambling has been significantly advanced by modern technologies.

The latest invention, presented by Scientific Games (SG), comes to us in a form of i-Table Roulette, the classic table game on steroids.

Traditional game boosted

Roulette is easily one of the most popular casino games in existence, up there with slots and blackjack. In almost every casino you enter, you’ll see people bunched around roulette tables, betting on those elusive numbers and waiting for their favorites to come in.

Sometimes, things can really get heated, with chips flying around and croupiers and players alike doing their best to keep up with the action. Latest SG invention, i-Table Roulette solves this problem by introducing electronic elements to the classic table, making everything go smoother and faster.

Designed for an easy integration with already existing roulette tables at the casinos, i-Table Roulette adds electronic touch screens that players can use to place their bets without having to stretch across the board or shouting their announcements, with overwhelmed croupiers trying to pick up on all the bets.

There is still a regular roulette wheel in play and a croupier throwing the ball on each spin, but with i-Table Roulette, the number of spins per hour increases significantly, benefiting the casino, but also increasing the excitement levels for the players. Additionally, it removes the chance for a dealer error when paying out the bets, increases the security as there are no physical chips someone could try to steal (for example), and players can even set their wagering limits using the screens in front of them.

Lack of interaction

Although i-Table Roulette has some clear advantages as far as the speed and accuracy are concerned, there is one very glaring drawback that could turn away some players. That element is the lack of interaction and the real gambling feel that actually attracts many customers to the casinos across the world.

All the pushing and yelling may bother some, but for others, that’s what makes the experience complete. It’s not just about the dealer throwing the ball and watching it spin around the reel before it lands; all the heat of the moment as you try to place your bet in time adds to the gambling magic, if you will.

There is no doubt that SG’s latest product will find its way to many casino floors as it offers huge advantages and makes it easier for the venues to train the dealers quickly. However, it probably won’t push out classic roulette tables just yet, since casinos need to be mindful of those players who enjoy all the fuss and it is often the case that these guests are among the biggest players a casino has.

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