New Sega Slots app combines classic video game characters with social casino gaming

  • Ready to feel nostalgic? New Sega Slots app includes all of your favorite characters from the 80s and 90s
  • App combines classic Vegas-stye elements with Sega’s best-loved characters and graphics

Video gamers and people of a certain age alike will always have a degree of fondness for Sega, the classic gaming company that is behind Sonic the Hedgehog (I too, to this day still own a Sega Megadrive). For that reason, there’s more than a passing interest when Sega Networks unveils anything new.

Most recently, fans of the brand have received news that the business has launched a new product capitalising on the growing social casino games sector.


Sega Networks has launched a brand new app called Sega Slots, which will allow users to play some of the company’s best-loved games in slot form and for free. All players need to do to get their share of the fun is to visit either Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store to download the app.

Where the past meets the future

Upon download and installation, players are swiftly reunited with some of their favorite Sega characters – some of whom include Sonic the Hedgehog, Joe Musashi, and more.

Of course, they and the games in which they feature will differ from their classic form in order to give that slot game feel and aesthetic, but it’s interesting to see a high volume of original content and character appearing.

Each of the eight initial slots will need to be unlocked before play (by playing others), and they all offer bonus levels that hark back to the days of Sonic and Tails running around brightly colored racetracks to collect rings and, ultimately, chaos emeralds.

For instance, in Sega Networks’ new Sega Slots app, you can play Super Money Ball to win big bonuses in multiplayer mode. And, now that the app has been officially launched and is available to everyone with a portable device, Sega is reportedly planning to make regular updates to the app in order to add more unlockable content.

A return to the market

Interestingly, this release isn’t Sega’s first brush with the casino industry; back in the 1950s, the gaming company launched several slot machines, and it was this that led to Sega’s eventual place in our homes (and hearts).

With the social casino phenomena continuing the launch by Sega will provide players with more choice in the latest games. The casinos, which offer rapid-fire casino game action, combined with elements from popular social media programmes such a Facebook, include such names as Big Fish Casino, Caesars Casino and Slotomania Casino among others.

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