Sands Bethlehem launches new live dealer stadium blackjack experience

  • Sands Bethlehem also offers stadium versions of baccarat and roulette games
  • Innovative new blackjack stadium area has 44 seats and touchscreen devices

Sands Bethlehem is a popular casino and hotel resort in Pennsylvania, not to mention one of the state’s leading entertainment destinations. Last year, the resort announced it plans to build a stadium specifically designed for playing computerized blackjack.

sands bethlehem blackjack

And almost a year later, the casino has unveiled its live dealer blackjack stadium gaming element. This live game experience will enable players at Sands Bethlehem to position themselves at one touchscreen station that is simultaneously connected to two live blackjack tables, giving them the chance to interact with both games and view real-time outcomes.

Inside the game

It is reported that blackjack games will be played similarly to the real thing, except that instead of being dealt a physical hand of cards, the player will receive an electronic hand. The casino’s electronic roulette wheels work on a similar basis; they are displayed on a computer monitor.

The endeavor by Sands Bethlehem has been defined as a ‘hybrid experience’ and will comfortably allow both inexperienced and expert blackjack players to stake wagers on two games at the same time, as well as to make side bets.

Sands Bethlehem has coined their new launch Live Dealer Blackjack Stadium Gaming, and the resort’s president and chief operating officer, Brian Carr, has referred to it a customizable experience jam-packed with action.

Players can spend a minimum of just $5 on this experience, and with the ability to play two games simultaneously, it’s being billed as a refreshing and innovative take on a casino classic.

Blackjack joins roulette and baccarat

What is more, this new addition to Sands Bethlehem’s gaming repertoire has made the resort home to the country’s biggest real-time electronic table game installation. Aesthetically, the installation mirrors a true-to-life stadium, comprising 44 seats right on the casino gambling floor.

The touchscreen devices allow the player to collect, split, double down, stand, and hit, as well as ask for help, change the language, and apply insurance. Players can both stake wagers and collect their winnings at the blackjack terminals.

Other live stadium-type games offered by the Sands Bethlehem casino include baccarat and roulette, which both take place within the same stadium.

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