Combining classic blackjack with a video game RPG? Welcome to Battlejack

  • Blackjack meets RPG play in new mobile game.
  • Nexon partners with developer Grand Cru to re-release the game.

Blackjack is a staple casino game that most players love or at least enjoy; it’s simple, it’s quick and it involves a pleasing element of strategy.

Thanks to Finnish developer Grand Cru, players can now combine their love of blackjack with action RPG gaming, in Battlejack.

This mobile game was first released in 2016, but has undergone updates and is being re-launched for Western audiences very soon, thanks to being purchased by Nexon, the South Korean PC and mobile software company.

Taking blackjack to the battlefield

Battlejack has a Japanese RPG visual style, reminiscent of the Final Fantasy mobile games, with lovingly animated characters taking part in turn-based battles.

Players can choose their own party of heroes, each with certain abilities. The amount of damage dealt to their enemies is decided by a blackjack draw, with a natural 21 being the ultimate goal. This can unlock more boost and special attacks.

Battlejack will have over 100 levels for single player exploration, plus a player vs player mode. The game features hundreds of heroes and over 40 enemies to fight, hopefully with more content to be added with updates.

The story sees players journey through Midgard to free the magic tree Yggdrasil – a familiar name for any slots fan – Yggdrasil is also an online casino game developer.

In true RPG style, then can also level up along the way.

A mobile move for Nexon

According to VentureBeat, Jelle Kooistra, the head of mobile at industry analyst Newzoo said: “Nexon’s top market remains its local one; South Korea.

“It is also quite successful in Japan. Typically, the games that are popular in these close markets consist of genres that aren’t particularly popular in the West, such as RPGs, turn-based strategy games, shooters and fighting games.”

However, Kooistra says that the familiar card game mechanic could lead to Battlejack becoming a hit.

“As [a mix of genres], it has the potential to attract a large group of players that enjoy simple mechanics mixed with deep gameplay and progression. However, how well the game will perform depends on how well Nexon and Grand Cru can play the balance between monetization and keeping players satisfied and coming back.”

It can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

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