Roulette croupier and associates avoid jail after £23,000 scam at UK casino

  • Late betting by croupier helped pair net £22,750
  • Trio handed suspended sentences by Crown Court judge

A casino croupier and a pair of gamblers have been convicted of conspiracy to steal £22,750 (around $30,000) from the Aspers Casino at Westfield Stratford City in London earlier this year.

Casino will always have the edge on the roulette wheel.
Casino will always have the edge on the roulette wheel.

The trio worked together to fix bets in their favor, landing £875 (just over $1100) for each of the 26 games they took part in.

However, the Evening Standard reports that the casino became suspicious, and put the croupier under investigation.

All three pleaded guilty to the charges against them, and avoided a prison sentence as a result.

Late bets fix wins for scam group

Croupier Jonah Reha Bozdogan was employed by the popular London casino at the time of the scam, which was carried out between January and February of this year.

Using his position behind the table, he was able to take late bets from his accomplices just as the roulette wheel was landing on a number – ensuring their bets made it to a winning number.

The trio were careful not to get greedy with their scam, instead taking small wins of less than £1,000 per time to avoid attracting attention.

After pulling the same trick on 26 occasions, the group had racked up almost £23,000 in ill-gotten cash.

Unfortunately for Bozdogan and his friends, Aspers Casino managers were already sure some scam was being pulled, so they started monitoring the young croupier more closely – and they soon had the evidence they needed to call in the authorities.

Bozdogan was arrested, along with his partners in crime Adeel Abbas and Faizan Zafar.

No prison sentence for casino thieves

Despite the seriousness of the offense, Snaresbrook Crown Court has ruled against a custodial sentence for the three thieves, it was reported.

The trio pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges, and each was handed a fourteen-month jail sentence for their part in the crime.

Those sentences have been suspended by the court – meaning that the group walks free, as long as they can avoid future trouble. If they reoffend during that period, they will serve the 14 months along with additional time for the new offense.

Judge Nigel Peters QC referred to the previous “good character” of the accused men, and reminded Bozdogan that he had abused a position of authority and responsibility.

“Had it gone on for longer, then the money would have been greater and also your sentence,” the judge concluded.

The croupier and his friends showed relief in the dock when their sentence was suspended, and were reported to smile and laugh with each other as they left the dock.

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