Could robots replace casino workers at the casino bars of the future?

  • Las Vegas bar with robot bartenders opens Friday
  • Robots could fill many casino roles in the future

A new bar on the Las Vegas strip is offering a futuristic new twist to its patrons. Visitors to the Tipsy Robot will be served, as the name suggests, by an anthropomorphized machine which creates custom cocktails at the touch of a screen for casino punters.

The robots mix and serve drinks, as well as offering up some entertainment in the form of dance routines. First featured on Royal Caribbean cruise ships, this land-based robot workforce will be tested on the Las Vegas punters, and if successful the themed bars could be rolled out across the United States very soon.

Robot in the Miracle Mile Casino in Las Vegas. Photo: Chitose Suzuki Las Vegas Review-Journal.
Robot in the Miracle Mile Casino in Las Vegas. Photo: Chitose Suzuki Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Future of casinos as robot workers hit Vegas

With the Tipsy Robot theme proving popular in Las Vegas and also with cruise passengers, it shouldn’t be long before the concept is brought to casino resort venues as well. Casinos would benefit from reducing the number of staff needed at the bar – those staff could serve patrons on the floor and provide a more personal, attentive service for gamblers instead.

Could robotic croupiers be next?

Back in 2016, Hong Kong based tech team Paradise Entertainment revealed that they had created a fully automatic robot croupier, capable of dealing out cards to players at the start of games. While the potential of these robots is limited for now, in the future they could be equipped with speakers and sensors, plus learning programs powered by artificial intelligence.

This will allow the robots to carry out complex functions like dealing in, splitting pots, and even playing games against the casino patrons.

That said, it seems unlikely that robots will ever replace humans entirely. Where machines are involved, there is always the potential for hacking or misuse, and technical errors could lead to significant losses.

While one day robots might offer drinks and hand out cards in casinos around the world, there will always be real humans on hand to offer service and assistance – and to handle security and safety matters!

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