RoboCop reborn: 80s classic powers back to life in new all-action online slot

  • Online casino games giant, Playtech brings 80s super-cop back to life
  • New slot game has video game feel, special wilds and crime-fighting action

Playtech has looked to the past whilst simultaneously looking to the future in developing its latest slot. RoboCop is its name and ridding the streets of criminals is its game.

Having partnered with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc, the experienced casino games developer has obtained the rights to breathe new life into the franchise as the saga of bionic cop Murphy transitions to the world of online casinos.

Upholding law and order

Upon its release in 1987, RoboCop predicted a violent, near-apocalyptic Detroit – or “Detroit” as it’s simply known today. Not all of the events depicted in the dystopian cyberpunk thriller have come to pass, but it’s surely only a matter of time until cyborg police are sent out on the beat. Interest in the human-cyborg hybrid that is RoboCop has hardly waned in the last 30 years, aided by a movie reboot in 2014 starring Joel Kinnaman and Gary Oldman.

The original tale involved Murphy being shot by a lawless criminal gang, overseen by the ruthless Clarence Boddicker, and left for dead. Brought back to life, just like a RoboCop reboot, Murphy, bolstered by his enhanced powers, vows to seek revenge whilst upholding law and order.

The stage is set for RoboCop to clear up Detroit and make this small corner of the world a better, safer place. Three decades later and Detroit could use another protector in shining body armour.

In-game action

A number of RoboCop arcade shoot ‘em ups have been released over the years, and this is the style Playtech has looked to emulate. There’s a classic video game feel to this 25 payline online slot, one whose backdrop features an urban battlezone complete with upturned cars and looted shops.

As the reels roll and Detroit burns, players will be able to blast their way towards collecting wilds and multipliers, with the goal being to crash the 3×3 ED-209 Wild into the reels. That’s how you achieved higher payouts in this game.

RoboCop the slot also obliges players to break into the OCP boardroom in a bid to bring corrupt execs to justice. “Many players will have grown up watching this iconic film which none of us will forget for its non-stop action sequences and the incredible presence and sounds of RoboCop himself,” said James Frendo, Casino Director at Playtech.

“The Playtech content team has worked incredibly hard to deliver a game that stays true to the original film, includes some stunning new features and brings players right to the heart of the action.” Look out for the 80s cyborg cop blasting his way soon to an online casino near you.


There’s nothing like revisiting a classic to get the blood pumping, and the cult 80s cyborg dystopian movie is certainly a classic. With an abundance of themes and genres out there for slot games its rare that releases are truly captivating. But, whenever there’s a slot released tied in to a film it feels like a big event – almost like a movie release itself. Playtech has mined the original film for its best bits in this one, and they appear thick and fast, including characters, aesthetics, special features and more. Do you have to be a fan of Robocop to want to give this a try? No. But if you’re a fan of all-action slot games that are big on detail – and who isn’t – then it may well be worth a spin or two. Happy crime fighting!

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