Playing to the crowd: The rise of the online casino streamer

  • Video game platform Twitch being used to broadcast live casino play
  • A number of streamers are becoming useful marketing tools for online casinos

Some of the most popular YouTube stars have built their careers on recording themselves playing video games. PewDiePie began life playing games on the internet – he now has 57 million subscribers and has banked nearly as many dollars in the process, reportedly.

An example of casino streamer CasinoDaddy, on YouTube. Contains strong language.

So it is no surprise that people who record and stream their online casino play are becoming more and more popular and unlike video games, their own cash is at stake, so the drama is increased.

Casino streaming has been going for a few years now, and platforms like Twitch have helped the medium to grow.

How casino streaming began

Online casino streaming might not have gained ground without Twitch.

A subsidiary of the popular online shopping portal,, Twitch focuses mainly on video gaming that includes playthroughs of video games, broadcasts of eSports competitions and creative content.

Content on the site can either be viewed live or via video on demand.

Broadcasters who stream casino games on Twitch are able to share their computer screen with people throughout the world who watch and interact with the person playing casino games.

Over the years, casino games streaming has moved to other video streaming platforms such as YouTube, Livestream and Ustream. But Twitch remains a fans’ favorite.

A winner even if they lose?

The streamers use their own money to play and the drama comes from watching live as they hit the jackpot or lose it all.

With so many different online casino games , streamers are able to show viewers how to play games and what the bonuses and various features entail.

But it’s not just hitting that jackpot that makes it a profitable business.

In an interview with AboutCasino, popular streamer CasinoDaddy, said that income mostly comes from affiliate links.

“The main income from the channel is from affiliate links, fixed fees and donations. Since it can be expensive to stream casino games six days a week, the three of us have day jobs from Monday-Friday,” said CasinoDaddy.

It is predicted that the casino streaming phenomenon is to continue growing in leaps and bounds.

And some casino operators are now chipping in to help streamers keep going.

Some of the famous live streamers include LetsGiveItASpin, Rocknrolla, Casino Day, and the SlotSpinner.

Live streamers now fighting for viewers

Everyone wants to be part of a winning team. That notion doesn’t just apply to the sporting world but casino streamers are now competing for a healthy audience.

This has led streamers to actively be engaged in their gaming and stay abreast of developments within the industry.

And with the raw drama of online casino games, there’s always the chance of heart-stopping action in every stream.

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