Richard Branson’s Virgin Group considering Las Vegas expansion

  • Virgin Hotels is looking at potential locations in Las Vegas
  • Vegas is a major destination for Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays customers

Billionaire Richard Branson, who was recently in the news for a holiday he took with his children to Las Vegas, could soon be expanding his business operations to the city.

Richard Branson’s Virgin Group considering Las Vegas expansion
Richard Branson’s Virgin Group considering Las Vegas expansion

Virgin Hotels, which is part of Branson’s Virgin Group has been looking at potential locations in the Vegas market, though it is thought likely that the company will be aiming to purchase an existing property, rather than building from scratch.

A spokesperson for Virgin Hotels revealed that the company was working with Bosworth Hospitality Partners and Juniper Capital Partner in its search for a suitable asset in the city.

The founder of Bosworth Hospitality Partners, Richard Bosworth, later confirmed that his company was involved in looking at Las Vegas properties:

“We are highly energized right now in pursuit of procuring a Las Vegas casino hotel resort. Due to confidentiality concerns I cannot share any specific details. However, we are completing our confirmatory due diligence.”

Dangers of gambling

Branson was recently in the news after revealing in his autobiography that a trip he had taken to Vegas with his children took an unusual turn after he had attempted to teach them the dangers of gambling. According to Branson, bets he had placed for his children at the roulette table of a Vegas casino ended up winning a substantial sum.

The billionaire has previously stated the importance of Vegas as a destination for a major part of the customer base of his travel companies:

“Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays, and now Virgin America, have all been bringing happy holidaymakers to Vegas for many years, and I’m sure we’ll continue for a long time to come.”

Professor Anthony F. Lucas, a hospitality expert, said that Virgin would be a good addition to the Vegas market, and compared the company to land-based casino operator Wynn Resorts:

“I do hope they come here because they’re great. I love what they’re doing. I like any business that’s savvy enough to think like a guest. That’s what makes Wynn better than anyone else…and he is.”

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