‘When the Fun Stops, Stop’ message is getting through to players says Senet Group

  • Senet Group claims doubled the number of people reacting positively to its campaign in three years
  • People are now more likely to stop gambling when they need to and even raise concerns with others whose habits are risky

People are switched on responsible gambling messages in the UK, a survey has claimed.

The Senet Group has published survey results stating the effectiveness of its responsible gambling messages are hitting home with UK punters.
The Senet Group has published survey results stating the effectiveness of its responsible gambling messages are hitting home with UK punters.

Senet Group – an organization which aims to promote responsible gambling and other such positive gambling-related messages – is due to publish its next biannual report.

The upcoming report looks in depth at the gambling habits, both responsible and irresponsible, of players in the United Kingdom.

Having recently claimed that “self exclusion works,” Senet Group now reports that over 80% of all UK gamblers are familiar with the “When the Fun Stops, Stop” campaign.

Of these, 75% know the campaign well enough to identify its key points and lessons – which are to, among other things, set betting limits and cease gambling when it is no longer fun or sensible to continue.

The study found that 11% of all people surveyed reported that campaigns such as Senet’s ‘When the Fun Stops’ had prompted them to “warn others about their gambling [habits] in some way.”

Similarly encouraging is the fact that 18% of survey respondents said that such campaigns and messages as this helped them to cut back on irresponsible habits, and 23% reported that they approached the practice of gambling “more responsibly.”

Wanda’s word

Wanda Goldwag, chair of Senet Group, has put her organization’s campaign above many others with similar goals. She said: “The reach and impact of this campaign is at levels few, if any, other public health awareness and behaviour change can match.”

Drawing on results from Senet Group’s previous 6-monthly reports, Goldwag has explained that: “In less than 3 years, we have doubled the number of people saying that had raised a gambling worry with others and nearly doubled the number who have been prompted to stop gambling on some occasion.”

To put this into context, Goldwag said that this equates to more than three million people having changed their gambling habits based on the messages promoted in Senet Group’s long-running responsible gambling campaign.

She added: “We think this is a demonstration of what the sector can do working collaboratively.”

The sector in the UK has often been accused on not being more collaborative, particularly on problem gambling.

When the Fun Stops, Stop

The delivery of the campaign itself can be broken down into several ultimate goals. Senet Group aims to:

• Keep their message – cease gambling when it’s no longer fun or sensible – consistent
• Have a continuous presence across a range of consumer-facing channels
• Engage in “stand-alone advertising”
• Present their campaign in a neutral tone, which is neither condescending nor self-important
• Focus on their “core audience,” including younger gamblers, too

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