The future of responsible gambling in casinos could lie with artificial intelligence

  • New breed of Artificial Emotional Intelligence has potential in casino sector
  • Detecting problem behaviors can help stop problem gambling before it starts

As the debate rages about how artificial intelligence (AI) can help rather than harm the human race in the 21st Century, one possible positive application has been to make playing at casinos safer for players.

Can facial recognition technology, detecting people's emotions, be the future of responsible gambling?
Can facial recognition technology, detecting people’s emotions, be the future of responsible gambling?

That’s where so-called Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) may be able to assist – a branch of AI that deals specifically in detecting people’s feelings.

Human, which is pioneering this area of AI, has said it has developed new software which can detect player emotions in real time, throughout their casino experience.

By picking up signs of distress, panic or anxiety, Human expects to be able to take player insight to the next level, and minimise potential harm before it can really take hold.

The context

This technology is likely to turn heads in the industry because of the sheer focus on responsible gambling currently.

For example in the UK, the regulator the Gambling Commission is attempting to grip the issue of responsible gambling at it bids to make the industry as safe and fair as it can for players.

Similar noises are being make by regulators globally, and technology is seen as a key way to make positive change happen.

Previously much of the responsibility of gambling safely was placed on the player – with messages such as ‘Please Gamble Responsibly’ and ‘When the Fun Stops, Stop’ constantly thrown at players in the hope of success.

But now operators are seeking to go further in their bid to nip problem gambling in the bud before it can take hold.

Human’s AEI tool could help deliver a so-far unparalleled insight into the player experience.

But as well as gambling harm, it can also be used to detect the reactions of players to things like new games, bonuses and other initiatives, to see if they are being well received.

‘Increasing commitment to social responsibility’

Yi Xu, CEO and founder of Human said: “When it comes to the world of gambling, social responsibility is a big focus area.

“The ongoing scanning of people’s emotions and characteristics in casinos and other gambling environments has provided our clients with the ability to flag any extreme highs and lows in players’ emotions, for example, if a player is gambling irresponsibly or while distressed.

“When narrowed down to extreme happiness, sadness, nervousness amongst others, it is giving providers the foresight and ability to increase their commitment to social responsibility, to track behavior and to take appropriate action in advance of a situation worsening.”

It also has potential applications in poker where keeping that perfect poker face and not giving away emotions is seen as key to success.

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