Reasons why you should play the Emoji Planet slot (and you can right now for free)

Emoji Planet is a fast-paced online video slots game from NetEnt, immortalizing the pop culture phenomenon in an exciting non-standard 6×5 reel grid and a plethora of potentially lucrative bonuses.

This summer spawned a couple of emoji themed slots, but here’s why NetEnt’s version is worth a go, star

This slot has a respectable RTP of 96.1%.

Give it a spin right now below.

Play Emoji Planet Slots For Real

What’s it like?

Depending on how players feel about emojis, they will either love or hate this game. The graphics are good quality, but themed very tightly around the emojis themselves, with the game’s opening cutscene taking players on a dizzying whirl through the world of emojis and exploring just how possible it is to express so much through the language of these quirky pictograms.

With an upbeat digital music soundtrack and a mobile-themed bright, busy background to the play window that features animated characters, rainbows, and floating clouds, Emoji Planet offers a whole new way to look at emojis.

The reel symbols are formed from two groups of emojis, the lower value symbols including the heart, bomb, pizza, kiss mark, and rocket – which also all have secondary functions relevant to Emoji Planet’s bonus features – while the higher value symbols include the alien face, tears of joy face, and, yes, a pile of poo. The star symbol is wild, and different groupings can easily earn players up to a x500 multiplier on their stake.

How it plays

Bets in Emoji Planet are controlled through the ‘Level’ and ‘Coin Value’ selectors. There are autoplay and max bet options available, with the possibility of stopping autoplay spins early if required. The minimum bet per spin is 0.20, with a ceiling of 200.00 per spin. There is a maximum coin value of 1.00 and Emoji Planet offers ten possible bet levels.

The gameplay in Emoji Planet is fast-paced and unusual compared to most online slots, given the 5×6 reel grid, with its potential to offer 30 like symbols and therefore massive wins.

There’s no traditional paylines, instead relying on NetEnt’s Cluster Pays format which pays out based on matching symbols.

Emoji planet slot win
Emoji Planet slot win

The bulk of the gameplay is enhanced by Emoji Planet’s host of bonus features.


Emoji Planet’s five bonus features are all activated by filling the respective symbol meters for each symbol on the right of the reels. You’ll need twelve winning symbol combos to completely fill a meter and unlock the rich bonus rewards.

Filling the Heart meter adds a multiplier to the current winning betline that is equal to the number of times the meter has been filled plus one. Filling the Rocket meter will add a stack of 10 star wild symbols to the reels, while the Kiss meter, when filled, adds three sticky wilds to reels that will stay in place until three winning combos have been scored.

Filling the Pizza meter will trigger a 3×3 block of the reels to be filled with a random symbol that could be any symbol in the game except the wild. Lastly, filling the Bomb means eight random symbols on the reels will explode and award the play a bonus of between x5 and an amazing x100 multiplier on their bet for each symbol blown up, yielding a possible massive return on your stake.

All in all, while Emoji Planet is quite an adjustment in gameplay from many classic slots styles, a wide range of players may find something appealing in the quirky looks and innovative gameplay – and not least those potential massive returns!

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