Four reasons why you need to visit Atlantic City

  • In which we take a closer look at the greatest gambling cities in the world
  • It’s the gambling destination they call the world’s playground

Macau is the world’s largest casino destination, Monaco the most exclusive. Las Vegas has all the songs and movies and Atlantic City – well what does that have? Oft overlooked and in the shadow of its Nevadan cousin, Atlantic City is a prime resort location which has a lot to offer for travellers to America’s east coast.

1. History

Atlantic City was incorporated in 1854 and was planned as a resort destination from the start. By the year 1874, over 500,000 Americans were travelling to the city by rail every year.

A city rail would then bring visitors directly to the United States Hotel which at the time was the largest hotel in the country.

Soon a boardwalk was constructed on the beach in order to prevent sand being dragged into the businesses along the shoreline. By 1878 a single rail line into Atlantic City was not enough to cope with demand and a second major line into the city was constructed.

During Prohibition in the 1920s Atlantic City reached its peak. The ban on alcohol was not stringently enforced and so alcohol and gambling became part of the draw for the city. Enoch L Johnson alone is said to have made a half million dollars every year on his alcohol, gambling and prostitution businesses.

After WWII, Atlantic City began to fall into decline as other resort destinations became more popular including Miami and the Bahamas. In a 1976 referendum, residents voted in favour of legalising gambling in hopes of revitalising the city.

2. Climate

Atlantic City has a humid subtropical climate with temperature variation owing to maritime weather.

Generally this allows Atlantic City to enjoy a slightly more moderate summer season than inland areas as the sea breeze has a cooling effect in the warmest months. In July the average high is 26 degrees celsius while in winter temperatures drop to around 4 or 5.

3. Entertainment & Sports

Entertainment in Atlantic City is varied, with concerts including artists such as Jackson Browne, Jerry Seinfeld, Foreigner, Mary J. Blige, Sister Sledge and Boyz II Men.

The city also plays host to an annual airshow dubbed Thunder over the Boardwalk which is one of the largest in North America. This year the show will take place on the 22nd of August.

Professional sports don’t get much of a chance in Atlantic City, although there are golf courses and amateur teams of various descriptions in this mecca for all of earth’s contemporary pleasures.

4. Casino

Casinos in Atlantic City is focused around the many casino resorts on offer. The newest and largest on offer is the Borgata, a resort casino built following the development of the Atlantic City–Brigantine Connector.

The casino has 3,475 slots and over 180 gaming tables but it is perhaps best known for its pokerroom and poker tournaments.

In 2006 the Borgata went through a $200 million refurbishment that installed the largest poker room in the city. Most days a tournament is available with the jackpot on a Friday being a guaranteed $10,000.

Other casinos include Caesars and Harrah’s, while the Hard Rock brand intend to re-open the former Trump Taj Mahal in 2018.

The world series of poker events in Atlantic City are hosted at Caesars with a buy in of $10,000. Last year Scott Blumstein scooped an amazing $8.1 million dollars at the tournament.

So if you can win the Friday tournament at the Borgata you’ll have all the buy-in you need to multiply your win by 800. Too easy.

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