Rapper Cardi B performs in casino backdrop for video for new single ‘Lick’

  • Rapper, with seven million Instagram followers, features in racy casino music video
  • Slot games and craps feature, in Ocean’s Eleven-style heist

A few months after launching the audio for her club banger ‘Lick’, New York rapper Cardi B makes and appearance in the official video which was launched recently.

WARNING: Video contains strong language.

The video, which is directed by Mazi O, references the famous casino heist movie Ocean’s 11 albeit with a hip hop twist. The video features Offset of the group Migos who raps alongside Cardi B’s and plays her accomplice in the heist.

Who’s Cardi B? She’s a New York Rapper who has a string of hits and seven million followers on Instagram.

The duo are seen rapping their verses in a lively casino setting right next to a craps table while ordering rounds of pricey-looking liquor.

Video concept

Cardi B appears in another scene dressed in a tight-fitting cat suit executing a seemingly well planned heist of the casino’s main safe. The whole story idea is based on the song’s title ‘Lick’ which Cardi described in an interview as a lucky streak when you hit the jackpot.

While speaking to Uproxx after her performance at SXSW she said: “It’s when you catch a big come up or when you make a big check“.

To make the concept clearer she added: “When you just make something that weren’t expecting to do, but it goes to your benefit. And that’s what happened with my life — I caught a lick.”

It’s a Vegas thing

Casino-themed videos are not new in the music industry circles and songs such as ‘Waking Up In Vegas’ by Katy Perry and Sam Smith’s ‘Money On My Mind’ are some current examples.

Other notable videos with visual casino references include ‘On My Mind’ by Ellie Goulding, and ‘Shot at Night’ by The Killers. Casinos offer a great backdrop for music videos because they create a great ambiance by adding vibrancy and color to a performance.

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