Quickspin brings gamification to online slots players

  • New Achievements Engine brings players a better and more fun experience
  • Players complete tasks to achieve free spins, re-spins or side-game play

Swedish online slots developer, Quickspin has launched its new Achievements Engine in an effort to provide players with a better and more fun gaming experience.

The Playtech Group-owned Quickspin has released the new engine, a first for the industry, to boost user engagement and enjoyment through the incorporation and use of gamification.

Tokens make prizes

The Achievement Engine is based around the rewarding of Quickspin Tokens, which are set out over four different levels, when certain events occur. Players can use these tokens to win either free spins, re-spins or even the opportunity to play side games.

The engine will first be featured on the fantasy-themed slot game Sakura Fortune, where Quickspin hopes the brand new gamification model will boost user interaction with the slot based game, before it introduces it into other games.

Adding huge value to the experience

Speaking about the introduction of the Achievements Engine, Quickspin’s CEO, Daniel Lindberg said: “Gamification is a hot topic right now, and here at Quickspin we believe we have delivered a perfect version of it with our Achievements Engine. By giving back players part of their expected losses via Quickspin tokens, we can add huge value to their experience.

“We believe our Achievements Engine sets the standard when it comes to gamification, and look forward to receiving operator and player feedback now that it is available through our latest game release, Sakura Fortune.”

Quickspin’s increasing move towards gamification as a means of encouraging user interaction is a promising sign for players, and one that is likely to become more prevalent across the online slot industry as more focus is shone on user experience. The idea of winning back a small proportion of losses through tokens, for example is one that may prove particularly enticing for players.


Another sign that the industry is focusing firmly on player experience is good to see. Gamification may seem like something of a buzzword, but it’s an important one. If casino game developers continue to incorporate it into their launches it means that you get more from your online casino experience, whether that be improved storylines, more immersive character experiences, better and more intuitive gameplay or, in this case, the chance to get back some of your expected losses (we’ll wait to see if all the operators are keen on that one!). Bottom line is, these kind of developments are ones that could fundamentally change the way you play and interact with online casinos. Keep an eye out for more in the coming months.

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