Question time: the new launch that’s bringing trivia to the casino

  • Agreement between Scientific Games and Buzztime launches new trivia games to casinos
  • Games will be used during slot games and slot tournaments as bonus features

NTN Buzztime, an interactive entertainment producer renowned for developing trivia and quiz titles such as Cinema Trivia and Brainbuster has signed a licensing agreement with online casino game developer, Scientific Games (SG).
scientific games and buzztime launch slots tournament quiz

This strategic partnership will see Buzztime’s trivia games delivered to casino players through Scientific Games’ Elite Bonusing Suite, a unique player rewarding technology that is offered to casino operators across the globe.

The result will, apparently, be a player bonusing experience that’s incomparable to any other. It will see SG offer customised version of Buzztime’s trivia games directly to casino operators that can be enjoyed by players during slot games and tournaments and as entirely different and engaging form of entertainment. According to both parties, the game will help casinos provide thrilling new competitions that will aim to keep players amused for longer.

What are the details?

The full agreement has laid out a number of key points, all of which will stand to benefit players and casino fans. One of the key ideas behind integrating Buzztime’s trivia games into Scientific’s Bonusing Suite is to create a more community-driven player experience. The ideas being that introducing a popular quiz element to slot games and tournaments will give a more immersive way of playing at the casino.

The games will be offered to individual casinos by Scientific Games in customised single or multiple versions, meaning that players are likely to see a number of different quiz and trivia options in which they can take part.

As discussed, the key aim of the launch is around community. That’s why both parties are looking to implement the games during slot tournaments. If you’ve not had the pleasure of enjoying a slot tourny in the casino there’s one bug-bear that gets to punters: downtime. Between games players typically are waiting for the next stage of the tournament and thus, not playing or interacting. By offering quiz games between tournament rounds casinos will offer players more engagement, the chance to win some neat bonuses and – perhaps most importantly – keep their competitive juices flowing.

“Casinos want to increase player duration, create engaging experiences, and increase loyalty. Buzztime has achieved these goals for over 30 years at bars and restaurants, where the dynamics are similar to those at casinos. We think introducing fun bonusing games like Buzztime in our Elite Bonusing Suite will be an exciting new way for casinos to attract and engage players, especially during slot tournaments.”
Tom Doyle, vice president of product management for Scientific Games

Discussing the deal in more detail Ram Krishnan, chief executive officer for NTN Buzztime, said: “Scientific Games is a leader in gaming technology and loyalty program innovation. We have goals that are well aligned, and we are proud to have been selected as Scientific Games’ partner to deliver this one-of-a-kind gaming experience.”


Quiz games, in a casino? As if you needed more to compete over! But, joking aside, this is a pretty cool and innovative launch that sees something different being brought to players. As we’ve told you many times, interaction and immersive experiences are the big trends to watch out for this year, and this new launch is big on both. Yes, some may see it as a cynical move by casinos to make sure that players don’t have any ‘downtime’ but, next time your playing your favourite casino games think about that community feeling. Chances are, it won’t be there. Getting stuck into a few rounds of a quiz or trivia session is an ideal way to create some entertainment – who doesn’t love a quiz after all. Add to that the chance to pick up some bonus items and it’s a fairly unique new development.

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