Study shows problem gambling decline in Germany

  • Report to Federal government found decline in rate of problem gambling
  • Survey of 11500 people found 0.42% were problem gamblers

Problem gambling appears to be in decline in Germany, according to the evidence provided by a national addiction study.

Problem gambling decline in Germany
Study says that problem gambling is in decline in Germany.

The Drug and Addiction Report 2017, which was released on Monday, primarily addressed the problem of intoxicants, but included a section on problem gambling.

The survey was based on responses from 11,500 people, given in 2015. Only 37.3% of those surveyed said that they had taken part in at least one kind of gambling activity in the previous twelve months, which represents a significant drop from the 40.2% figure in the last report, based on a 2013 survey, and an even larger decline on the 55% of respondents who had gambled in 2007.

Respondents who admitted that they had gambled were asked a further series of twenty questions designed in such a way that answering yes to three or four of them would enable researchers to label that person as a ‘problem gambler’.

According to this methodology, only 0.42% of respondents were identified as problem gamblers, with 0.37 % considered to be more severe pathological casino players.

Trending downward

This level of problem gambling represents a significant decline on the figures of 0.82% and 0.69% for problem gamblers and pathological gamblers respectively that were recorded by the 2013 survey, although that report appeared to mark a one-off divergence from the overall progression of problem gambling which had been trending downwards for some time.

The rate of problem gambling in Germany had declined from 0.64% in 2009 to 0.51% in 2011 so the latest figures indicate a return to that trend.

The latest figures also indicated a sharp drop in pathological gambling rates among women, which fell from 0.31% to 0.07% while the male rate fell from 1.32% to 0.68%

The survey does not break down the gambling figures by demographic factors or gambling activity, nor does it explain why the previous survey indicated a rise in problem gambling, but it does fit with the overall trend of a recent years that shows a decline in problem gambling in Germany, which contrasts with the slight increase shown by studies of the UK population.

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