Popular opinion in Brazil leans toward legalized bingo and casino games

  • Just under half now in favor of legal casinos
  • Lawmakers lobbying for change to raise taxes

Politicians in Brazil are considering the possibility of introducing legal casinos and bingo halls under a new law that would legalize gambling operations, and a new study shows that public opinion is shifting towards support for these casinos.

Paraná Pesquisas researchers discovered that 45.7% of Brazilian nationals approve of plans to allow gambling, reports JD1 Notícias, with stronger support given to casino games, such as poker, than bingo.

Study shows trends among gambling supporters

The Paraná research project highlighted some important trends about supporters of legal gambling, including that the most enthusiastic support group is educated men who are in employment. Research in other nations shows that this is the core of the gambling industry – so Brazil’s potential casino players are keen to see the law change.

Women, young people and the unemployed were less likely to support gambling, according to the survey; these groups are typically less likely to take part in gambling, which could account for their lack of support for new laws.

Casinos could tap into $6.4 billion market

The value of a legal gambling market in Brazil is unknown, as there is no way to put a figure on the thriving illegal business. However, the Brazil Legal Gaming Institute claims it could be as much as $6.4 billion.

Brazil has a huge population, who have engaged well with legal betting services including lotteries and poker, and they are warming up to the possibility of a legal casino industry.

A multi-billion pound gambling industry presents opportunities for developers, investors and operators – and it could also give Brazil’s economy a much-needed boost. Politicians who are part of the legalization lobby say that taxes from games could fill gaps in the budget and bring in up to $5 million annually for the state.

New gambling premises would also create jobs within key cities, reducing unemployment: and increasing public support for the industry.

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