PokerStars wants to give you five minutes of fame with its Winning Moments video

  • PokerStars Winning Moments will feature personalized videos for players who make deep runs in No Limit Hold’em tournaments
  • The room will give this new product a trial run during this year’s WCOOP, with everyone making any WCOOP final table getting their Winning Moments video

Staying on the forefront of the online poker industry, PokerStars has come up with another innovation designed to improve their players’ experience.

PokerStars has created Winning Moments, one-off videos celebrating the successes of its players at the tables. Picture: PokerStars.
PokerStars has created Winning Moments, one-off videos celebrating the successes of its players at the tables. Picture: PokerStars.

With the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) just around the corner, the online poker giant has teamed up with Treepodia to bring players Winning Moments.

Celebrating your WCOOP success

Winning Moments are custom made automatic videos created for players who make a deep run in a No Limit Hold’em tournament.

This new invention will premiere during the WCOOP, with all players who make a final table of any WCOOP event getting their own video.

Each video will feature important highlights from the tournament run, such as a replay of big pots and interesting hands, the total amount won, final placement, and more. Additionally, the videos will also include narration from well-known poker commentators Joe Stapleton and James Hartigan.

The company plans to expand their Winning Moments videos in the future, so that all the players who cash in a tournament for an amount equal to or greater than 100 times the buy-in would receive a video.

The idea behind Winning Moments

According to Severin Rasset, Director of Poker Innovations and Operations with the company, the idea is to create a unique experience for all players who make a good run in a tournament.

Running deep provides players with a sense of achievement, and PokerStars wants to further enhance this feeling with these special videos. This will give also them an opportunity to share their joy with family and friends and show off their success.

The system will work so that all qualifying players will receive a link to their personalized video shortly after the tournament ends.

The link will be sent to their registered emails, so to make sure it reaches its intended recipients. It will also be very easy to share this video on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Jaime Staples, PokerStars star Twitch streamer, was the first one to be featured in a PokerStars Winning Moments video with his victory in the Hot $33.

Of course, these videos are still in a development stage, so the room appeals to all the players to have some understanding for any potential mistakes that might occur.

At the same time, PokerStars invites everyone who receives their Winning Moments video to report any errors so to help and make this product better as the time goes by.

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