Poker stars Daniel Negreanu and Dan Bilzerian plot to save bull from the slaughterhouse

  • A calf escaped a local slaughterhouse in New York, creating some disturbance in Brooklyn
  • Negreanu, Bilzerian, and Bill Perkins come together to try and give the little guy a chance for new life

Now this story really is a load of bull.

However, to your ultimate delight or disappointment, this is an article talking about popular Instagram hero Dan Bilzerian, PokerStars ambassador Daniel Negreanu, and a few others conjuring up plans to rescue one bold calf.

The gist of it is, a calf managed to escape the local slaughterhouse in Brooklyn and ended up creating some mess in Prospect Park, with one small girl ending up in a hospital with (fortunately) lighter injuries – a black eye and a cut lip.

Standing up for the cow

The story was published on the New York Daily News site and, sure enough, it quickly generated a lot of attention.

After all, it isn’t every day that a self-aware calf breaks out of a slaughterhouse to try and make its own destiny.

Among those who took interest in this peculiar cow were several characters well known to poker fans.

Bill Perkins was the first one to comment on the story, calling out on Daniel ‘KidPoker’ Negreanu to go halfsies on the cow, buy it out, and take it to a farm, where it could live its life to the fullest.

Dan Bilzerian crashed the party uninvited, offering to contribute towards this noble cause, offering to pay half. Negreanu suggested a three-way split, and from a short Twitter exchange, it seems the trio quickly came to an understanding, with their mind set on rescuing the cow.

Trolling or serious?

With these things, it is always hard to say if these three were serious or just trolling their followers.

That said, all three have more cash than they can spend, Negreanu is an outspoken vegan and loves animals, and he also shared his opinion about the cow being a ‘total badass.’ So, it isn’t hard to imagine them three setting aside a bit of money to give this brave calf a new shot at life.

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